Solitary browsing

October 1, 2005 5:56 PM

It’s been almost 8 years since I had a serious relationship and I am very much used to doing things on my own, in my own sweet time and at my own pace. There’s luxury in being able to wander around aimlessly bouncing around from place to place, as random as the thoughts in my head. Or if I have an objective set, I’d just go and do it without having to wait for anyone or anything. And yeah, letting my eyes rove wherever they want to without having to be subtle or feeling guilty about it is sweeeet. 😉

Left the house around 3:00pm for Garden City. Got there and I straight away got a magazine and some coffee, and did a spot of ppl watching. Yes those are actually kids bouncing on a reverse-bungy contraption.

After finishing the coffee, I went and got some groceries for tonight’s meal – Spag Bol and beer.

On the way home I went to refuel the car. Just looking at those prices hurts. And I use BP Ultimate too – it’s 9c/L more than regular unleaded.

The results of today’s little foray out of the house …
Plenty of carbs for clubbing!

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