Want more kick with that beer?

October 4, 2005 1:49 PM

Some geniuses in Germany have caught on to the fact that smoking is being banned in bars and pubs in a lot of Western countries. So what do they do? “Let’s add nicotine to the beer so they can drink AND get their nicotine kick *inside* the bar!” Woohoo, brilliant idea. Except well, NOT. From Tobacco.org:

For most smokers, three cans of NicoShot is comparable to an entire pack of conventional cigarettes.

Most beer drinkers would agree that drinking 3 cans is par for course. And if you also ingest the equivalent of an entire pack of cigarettes worth of nicotine along with it, what the hell are you doing to your body and brain?

And not surprisingly, it’s not coming to Australia any time soon.

Nicotine beer a no go Down Under. 04/10/2005. ABC News Online

Supposedly it can help you kick the smoking habit the same way that nicotine gum does. But not when the method of ingestion will inevitably cause over dosage. And the logic behind combining two legal substances that kill more ppl on the planet than all other illicit drugs combined is very hard to justify other than to make a quick buck.

6 thoughts on “Want more kick with that beer?

  1. Miss L

    “So that’s 2 packs worth of nicotine. I have a feeling that that may kill u.”

    Hmm and this coming from a SMOKER!

    What if they decreased the nicotine content and made 10 beers the equivalent to one packet?

  2. mooiness

    starry: actually nicotine is tasteless so I don’t think it’d affect the taste of the beer that much. 🙂

    miss L: hey I may smoke (casually I might add :P) but I do know what’s within safe and sane limits. I’ve read about nicotine poisoning as well. 😉

    10 beers = 1 pack. Ok that’s a more “safe” limit but I still think it’s a dumb idea. You know why? Because smokers who don’t want to quit would drink the beer *and* smoke as well – double the kick!


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