Happiness is unnatural

October 5, 2005 11:38 PM

Wait wait wait, don’t worry – I’m not depressed. I don’t subsribe to that theory but the way it was explained to me blew me away. Just had this conversation with a friend (let’s call her Goddess Fire) and it went like this.

GF: seriously E proves my theory that life is about suffering
Me: and how did u come about that?
GF: you dun need anything chemical to feel damn jialat. but to feel that happy, you need chemicals.
Me: ahhhh. wow. how profound.
GF: therefore, pain and suffering is natural.
Me: but happiness isnt. shite….mind blowing!
GF: while extreme happiness is man made.

I disagree with her that you’d need chemicals to feel truly happy but I can’t argue with her reasoning. 🙂 And in the same conversation she told me an oldie but a goodie:

Q: What’s the difference between a slut and a bitch?
A: A slut sleeps with everyone; a bitch sleeps with everyone but you.

This girl is a gem.

11 thoughts on “Happiness is unnatural

  1. Mr Lee

    You know…I could explain using the teaching of Buddha but I guess I’ll leave it to another day. You have to keep an open mind for such stuff not to mention that if you are a Buddhist, it’ll helps.

  2. mooiness

    mr. lee: I am a Buddhist which is why I said I disagreed with the whole notion that you can only achieve true happiness with drugs. Though some ppl may need a certain amt of drugs to balance the chemical inbalance in their brains that causes depression.

    In any case, I only wanted to point out the fact she made a good argument. 🙂

  3. mooiness

    sourrain: true true. Alcohol is definitely no good if you are a sad drunk, or worse – an aggressive one.

    But E will make you happy to a certain extent because it help releases endorphins. And if you are naturally happy go lucky, it’s even better.

    Having said that, drugs are bad mmmm-kay? 😛

  4. yy

    unnatural happiness – from drugs or any other external stimuli (e.g. movies to a less harmful extent) is not sustainable.

    true happiness, built on character and positive outlook in life, is one where a person can be happy no matter what circumstances he’s in.

    and i’m not just refering to ‘psycho’ oneself into being happy or being contented. it’s knowing when to fight, when to enjoy, and when to let go and allow oneself to be sad, and when to pick up and go again.

    life is about balance, no? =P

  5. mooiness

    yy: agreed on all your points. 🙂 Balance is everything. Can’t be happy all the time but when you are sad, realise that it’s only temporary. Sometimes it’s also about knowing what can be changed in your life and what can’t be – don’t stress over those that you can’t. Instead just work around them.

    miss L: agree on that too. Physically active ppl are usually less prone to depression. 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    First time on ur blog.. first time leaving a comment.. =)
    Guess that different ppl have a different definition of “happy”.. whatever ur definition is, happy is a positive feeling.. right?
    However, i think that one’s thinking plays a very powerful role on emotion..


  7. spinnee

    there’s no such thing like happiness in this world ‘cuz u can never really keep happiness for long, neither u can bring it together when u die.

    same goes for sadness.

    life is just a passing phase. Sigh…

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