It’s all chemical

October 6, 2005 4:12 PM

Last night’s post about chemicals and happiness, and the fact that I’m currently taking cold medicine led to this thought: everything’s chemical.

If you have a chemical imbalance in your brain, you would be an emotional monster. Having said that though, isn’t it amazing that the majority of us do have that chemical balance, that we don’t become moody or psychotic despite the fact that in our daily lives we ingest or use a myriad of chemicals?

What do I mean?

  • We drink coffee, tea and alcohol.
  • We smoke.
  • The water we drink has added flouride and chlorine.
  • We take medicines that by their nature screw up the chemical balances in our bodies – though mostly to correct what causes us to be ill in the first place.
  • We eat foods that contain pesticides, herbicides; preservatives, artificial flavours and colours.
  • The meat we eat contains growth hormones and antibiotics.
  • We use soap on our bodies and shampoos on our hair.
  • We brush our teeth with toothpaste.
  • We use shaving cream and moisturisers.
  • We use perfumes.
  • We put make-up on our faces; gel, mousse, hair-sprays and hair-dyes on our hair.
  • We use cleaning agents around the house, touching them and breathing in their fumes.
  • We walk out the door and instantly breath in the cocktail of chemicals and pollution in the air.

And yet we are living longer than previous generations. Go figure.

5 thoughts on “It’s all chemical

  1. ~*Starryluvly*~

    Maybe because our bodies are becoming more adapted to chemicals – and some of thsoe said chemical (like fluoride in our water) is actually good for us?

    But then again, there is that argument that we’ve become so clean (ie, disinfecting everything in sight) that there are now supergerms and we’re more vulnerable.

    Thank god I’m not doing medicine.

  2. mooiness

    yc: ah yes, cosmetic surgery. I also left out stuff that we ingest or inject into ourselves for recreational purposes. I wanted to point out that even when not on purpose we are already taking in a lot of different chemicals. What’s worse – the chemicals or the fact that we’ve become so desensitised to it all? Food for thought. 🙂

    starry: every chemical can kill us in the right dosage. The key of course is balance. Which goes to show how amazing our bodies are in balancing *everything* that we come across.

    As for germs, there’s already cases of the overuse of antibiotics in countries such as China which makes things worse. Let’s hope we develop a more holistic way of dealing with bugs and get away from the over reliance on antibiotics. Because bugs, like us do evolve to adapt to chemicals. 😉


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