Godskitchen was awesome

October 8, 2005 4:29 AM

Woohoo! It was a blast! Pictures and write up in the morning, oh erm … afternoon when I wake up. 😛

UPDATE 8th Oct 2005 1:35pm

Ok now that I am awake …

Godskitchen was worth the entrace fee for sure. I was supposed to be sick (I still am) but as soon as I stepped into the place I totally forgot about it. The music was pumping, the crowd was energetic – we didn’t even need that many drinks to get into it. Plus my shoes are fantastic!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. These were taken while we (me and Simon) were in the queue outside around 10:30pm, it was about a half-hour wait. The dude behind us got white contacts I think. Freaky.

When we got in, Kenny L (resident at The Church) was warming up the place and he was at his usual best. After him was Godskitchen resident Nick Warren which amped the crowd even more for the eventual arrival of BT.

And when BT came on, the crowd went ballistic.

These are the best shots I could take of him.

The moment of the night for me was when he played Tiesto’s “Love Comes Again”. Woo what a buzz.

We mainly hung out with Simon’s friend Lydia and her friend (aiyak, forgot her name :P) . Bumped into Amy the bartender from The Deen, looking lovely as usual. Also bumped into the baby sister of a uni friend who asked for my number. Hmm. 😉

I left not long after Gabriel and Dresden finished their set at 4am – tired but still buzzing. Simon was still bopping inside with Lydia and friend.

Full size and complete set of pictures can be found here.

13 thoughts on “Godskitchen was awesome

  1. the virgin undergrad

    Godsktichen was brilliant, but i only got to be there for like just 2 hours. sianz..the only i recall was when they started playing a trance remix of Smells Like Teen Spirit, and we were like ‘WTF?’ but still sang along to it anyway hehe.

  2. the virgin undergrad

    yeah it was special, it feels kinda like Black Bettys going down to Metros haha.

    yah i went late at about 1.30 am and originally we wanted to stay till it closes, but one of my fren got wasted cos, erm, let’s just say he was under the influence. plus got into some trouble with this two fuckers who pushed us out of the lift, so i ended up sending him home, making sure he dun bathe in his own vommit and then went home. sigh… next year confirm must play until shoik to make up for this year’s disappointment.

    wow, i never realised metro was so huge until i went to the alfresco area at the top floor. everyone was just sitting down there, pretty hard to move.

  3. mooiness

    the v.u.: sorry to hear your exp wasn’t the best. yeah metro is pretty huge with 4 levels but they only ever open 2 at the most on regular nights. Downstairs was packed too man – couldn’t bloody move. That’s why I couldn’t take good photos of the DJs.

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