Being sick and taking drugs

October 10, 2005 12:22 PM

I’m still sick and I stayed at home the *whole* weekend – that’s Saturday and Sunday. I had wanted to go out on Saturday night but thought better not. I thought I should rest up and then at least on Sunday I can go for Sunday sessions at The Cott. But nope – I woke up Sunday and I still felt like crap. ARGH!

But I still felt Godskitchen was worth me feeling worse now. 😛

On Friday night I was all “clean” unless you count the alcohol. Now I’m at work all doped up on Sudafed and Nurofen. Ironic. Funnily enough and I get this a lot in clubs: other clubbers seem to think that I’m on E. They’d see me clutching my bottle of water and give me a knowing wink. Or this: they’d come up to me and offer up their Vick’s vapor stick. Or even better and this is absolutely hilarious (to me anyway!): rub their menthol-infused teddybear or wristpad into my nose. Most of the time I’d humour them and take an exaggerated deep whiff of it. They smile, I smile back.

When I bump into regular clubbing acquiantances they’d inevitably ask me, “Have you popped yet?” And everytime I’d say, “Not tonight.” And they’d still ask me the next time they see me, thinking that I’m on it every time I go clubbing.

Truth be told, I’ve only ever taken E once. I liked it but then I don’t hang out anymore with my “friend” whom I trusted to get it for me, and I really didn’t wanna take any risks with something like that. And for $40 a pop, I could approximate the effect with alcohol. The only downside is that I may get a hangover but not if I drink water with it, which I do.

Why do ppl make the assumption that I’m on E? Maybe it’s because I’m naturally hyper especially when the music is rocking and everyone else around me is energetic as well – artifically enhanced or not. Plus I also help myself along by guzzling Redbull – either with vodka or Jagermeister.

Oh and I leave you with this tip which may or may not work for you: pretend you have nasal congestion and take some Sudafed before going out. Then pretend you are thirsty and have a few drinks to quench your thirst. Alcoholic beverages preferably. 😉

6 thoughts on “Being sick and taking drugs

  1. girlstar7

    generally I assume people are on E if: a) they are carrying a water bottle b) they are on the dance floor pretty much all night, in their own world, hardly having a break c) they are overly friendly to strangers…not so much one of these things seperately (i.e. not everyoen that carries around a water bottle is on E obviously), but all of these together make me assume the person is on E. maybe you exert these characteristics??
    also, maybe you attend clubs where the majority of people there are on E, so it’s just assumed. places like God’s Kitchen, not everyone, but a very high proportion of people have taken pills so a lot of people just assume everyoen there is on them. that’s my opinion, anywayz…happy clubbing!!


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