Girlfriend stealer – moir???

October 12, 2005 12:27 PM

I just found out that Starry’s bf think that I’m plotting to steal her away from him. And funnily enough, for a while so did Mili’s bf. Heh.

Guys I’m flattered that you think that I have such awesome chick-pulling powers that your lovely girlfriends would succumb to my charms. But you give yourselves too little credit. Your girlfriends fell for you and only you – and there’s nothing I can do that can emulate that. I’m just their humble blog reader, and they mine.

Plus I’m a Buddhist and I know that karma *IS* a big biatch. Mooi definitely do not play that sh*t. 😉

Though I can see why you would think that way – I do have more female readers than male ones. But with great power, comes great responsibility! Hahaahaha….

Yes I’m still high on cold medicine – 5 days and counting! Woohoo!

10 thoughts on “Girlfriend stealer – moir???

  1. mooiness

    AHAHAHAAHH …. oh man this conversation is so moronic. 😛

    Yes I’ve mentioned it before somewhere I think – when we can’t see facial expressions and hear tonal differences, the real meaning of static words are lost. 😉

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