Life is short

October 13, 2005 11:35 AM

Ok after much frivolity with the last couple of posts, time for some deep thoughts. By a stroke of cosmic coincidence, YC of BlackJettas lost an acquiantance and so has Blinkymummy and Adrian (links are to their respective posts about their friends).

And you all have seen me blog about death and natural disasters quite a bit in the past month. So this all just emphasises the eternal truth:

Life is short.

Life as I live it is a path with no set route or destination. Getting too caught up with milestones and such only blinds you to the now. You are only ever going to be in the “now” – you’ve been in the past, and you will never be in the future.

You can plan to the minute detail and things will still happen to f**k it up. I’m not saying “don’t plan” but “life is what happens when you plan“. Set a general course and be prepared for detours but don’t forget to live a little too.

As for the ppl in our lives, there’d be the constants (family, loved ones, dear friends), the fleetings (acquiantances, lovers) and the randoms (ppl we see everyday but do not know the names of, or that kind stranger who gave us his parking ticket with time to spare on it). I truly believe that every personal interaction is valuable. The good ones make us happy, the bad ones make us learn. Everyone that crosses onto your path of life serves a purpose.

Say “thanks” and mean it. Don’t wait for a special occasion: Valetines, birthdays, Mother/Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s etc. Say it everytime. Show your appreciation.

And because you can’t possibly stay in physical proximity to all of your dear ones, take a few minutes everyday to send an email, SMS, find them on IM or even make a phone call. You can’t possibly be that busy for even *one* email right? Reach out and touch somebody. They would be glad that you did, and so would you.

And in the end, who we are is as much how we are perceived and remembered by others as how we perceive ourselves.

6 thoughts on “Life is short

  1. the virgin undergrad

    i can appreciate what you mean. when my aunt so terminally ill with cancer, i just couldn’t bring myself to acknowledge the eventuality of her demise and sought to avert my attention away from reality and talk to her just as i would every other day. it wasn’t only until she was grew too weak to walk that reality hit me, and i started to open myself up to her. it’s like, i dunno how to put it. but even now, i just wished i had spend more quality with her during her final days.

  2. mooiness

    Actually, to maintain some semblance of normalcy in your situation was probably a good thing.

    As for whether or not you should have spent more quality time with her towards the end, I believe that if you two had good memories together prior to her getting ill then it wasn’t all for nought.

    My point is a cliche which is appreciate every moment as if it were the last. And that way you’d live a life without regrets.

  3. girlstar7

    I definitely believe that you can learn from every bad experience that happens in your life. I mean, whether your boyfriend/girlfriend dumps you, a friend screws you over or you get something stolen. whatever it may be, it seems like the end of the world at the time, but in the end, you are stronger for it. you learn which people not to trust or get involved with. life IS short, and you need to move on. just remember, you learn from all your bad experiences and it may bring good in the end.

  4. Goddess Eneri

    ‘To live life to the fullest’, ‘to live without regret’.. These are easier said than done. How many of us can really live by them? But I do believe that what goes round, comes round. Treat ppl the way u want to be treated and be genuine.


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