Guilty of gawking

October 17, 2005 3:57 PM

Like a car accident … I can’t help it. I saw someone blog about it and I had to look. The Falling Sh*t Princess (XiaXue) never seems to learn.

So tell me … our government spent millions of taxpayers’ money to build so many facilities for the physically disabled, and only they are allowed to use it?

Erm yes, that’s how it’s kinda meant to work. The signs are clearly marked and if you can’t read, there are even pictures of a person in a wheelchair. If it’s meant to be for everyone, there wouldn’t be signs saying “For the disabled only” or “Reserved for the disabled”.

By her moronic-ness’ logic, all taxpayers are entitled to everything that the Government builts. Hospitals got spare beds I can use lah! No one using them what?! No car accidents today I can use the emergency lane lah! F**k, why waste the road for? No buses in the bus lane and I’m late for work – f**k it I’m gonna drive on it because I’m more important! Government giving out free text books for the poor? Get me 3! I don’t need them but I pay taxes! Mine mine mine! I pay taxes ok!?

You ppl are moronic. XiaXue is moronic but her fans are even worse. Who’s the bigger moron? The moron herself or the morons that blindly worship her?

Disclosure: I have used a toilet for the disabled before but I never ever felt that it was my right to use it. And if I ever get caught out or get scolded by a disabled person for doing so, I would not get all self-righteous about it. I would apologise sincerely.

I hesistated in putting XX’s name here least some of her rabid fans accuse me of trying to steal traffic. But f**k it, I want all of them morons to find my post and see how stupid they are.

12 thoughts on “Guilty of gawking

  1. ~*Starryluvly*~

    I was about to comment about it myself – but you beat me to it!! Seriously, the bitch needs to be smacked down a peg or two.

    The more I look, the more I see a publicity whore. And an increasingly ugly one at that.

    (ok, now I’m just being mean, but she’s just another example of the ill effects of commercialisation)

  2. mooiness

    I really don’t see why she must blog like this u know. It’s not sarcasm and it’s not a social parody. What she writes is just downright insensitive and illogical. She should try reading Aussie/Brit FHM/Maxim/Ralph to get an idea about how it’s done without being insulting. (S’porean lad mags cannot make it lah me-thinks :P)

    I wonder if her sponsors really care about what her image does to their products? Or maybe they just care about the 10,000 eyeballs that her blog gets daily?

    Yeah you are right – this is commercialism at its most crass.

  3. sourrain

    Bimbo is as bimbos are.

    In a man bashing mode; guys will ALWAYS read the blog where the chick is a camwhore in superminis.

    Sponsors couldn’t care less..I mean, even we, who don’t read her blogs regularly unless there’s another bimbostic accident, are exposed to the brands she whore.

    And frankly speaking, I love the nails.Can’t help it.

  4. mooiness

    sourrain: in defense of my gender, not all of us have got “stamps stuck to eye”. πŸ˜› XX’s quality and better can be seen out on the streets everyday. The only possible reason is that I’m thinking some of her fanboys are hoping that one day *gasp* she will actually email or respond to their comments. Good luck with that. πŸ˜‰

    About the products, I got one word: boycott. I hope her sponsors feel the effects of the negative image that comes from being associated with her.

    Ok you can love the nails but only the nails! πŸ˜›

  5. girlstar7

    okay…excuse my ignorance, but who exactly is this XiaXue chick? I checked out her site and she sure does seem like a shallow bitch (although a very attractive one, I must admit). but WHO exactly is she, some famous actress in singapore or something?

  6. mooiness

    girlstar7: not even. πŸ˜‰ She’s just the most visible blogger in Singapore. Though she does liken herself to be celebrity-like. And precisely because of her writings, some say the most hated too. πŸ˜›

  7. ~*Starryluvly*~

    Sourrain – I actually hate her nails. The ones in the latest blog entry anyway.

    Speaking of boycott, maybe next time I’m in Singapore, I should make it a point to go to her sponsors’ shops and go…

    “oh wait a minute, you support XX don’t you?”

    And walk out.

    But damn, I do like the local brand t-shirts.

  8. ~*Starryluvly*~

    I was re-reading the post, actually, you can’t be accused of stealing site traffic from her considering that (I’m assuming) you didn’t comment and leave a link on her blog. So if any rabid XX fans landed here, it’s because they were being nosey parkers and searching for their beloved goddess *gag* on google.

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