Peter Tan on Accessible Toilets For Wheelchair Users

October 19, 2005 1:44 PM

Hey biatch (a.k.a. XiaXue – wahaahah, evil link whoring again!) go read what Peter Tan has to say about the little sh*tstorm you stirred up (yet another one).

Toilets for disabled persons is a right, not a privilege. A barrier free environment provides people with disabilities a better quality of life by allowing them to participate and be contributing members of society. To deprive people with disabilities these basic amenities is to infringe on their rights and dignity. Whiter civil society when selfishness reigns and the needs of people with disabilities are disregarded and ignored?

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And another thing biatch (a.k.a. XiaXue – wahahah I’m getting the hang of this, Technorati/IceRocket I love you!), isn’t it more efficient, and less emotionally taxing to not stir up sh*t in the first place than having to explain that you “don’t really mean it” with a long-ass follow-up post? Or in this most recent case, a whiny pod-f**king-cast?

Here’s a thought: if you wanna stir up sh*t, at least argue your point eloquently and more coherently. If you want to be sarcastic, it’s more effective if you back it up with some facts. Go read your idol Maddox and see how he does it.

Seacrest out!

8 thoughts on “Peter Tan on Accessible Toilets For Wheelchair Users

  1. sourrain

    wahlau catfight..:)

    yes,yes….we should always strive to piss off those so-called blog-berity…especially if they DO NOT DESERVE THE FAWNING they are getting.

    Her obvious lack of taste and inane sense of self worth was the last straw

    Everytime she accidentely poos, she tries mopping up her mess with her whininess..

  2. mooiness

    Heh I like the “poo” analogy.

    You can take it further – she hasn’t been toilet trained yet and she doesn’t know how to wear diapers either. Wahahhaah. Shit here, shit there, shit everywhere. KNNCCB. Sor hai.

  3. sourrain

    My little grasshopper,

    You are a very sick man..


    *actually, I don’t really want to lor.I have a feeling whatever’s stuck up her arse is not a pretty should return to your hotness by association rather than poo-ness by association:P


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