YC going home

October 19, 2005 9:35 AM

When I’m down, I can always look at this comment from a previous post over and over again. My ego got stroked real good … oo-yeah

YC said…


I’m indeed, attracted by your writing.

I like brainies. My dream, is to marry a nerd. Best if he’s an I.T geek.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005 9:02:05 PM

Boo, she play play only ah! Don’t come after me!

Anyways, she has uprooted herself today and gone back to KL after being in Melbourne for 5 years. Here’s wishing her a good flight back. Now that she’s reunited with her Boo, along with YK, I’m anticipating more dramas (mostly good of course :)) from the drama-queens of BlackJettas.

Rock on ladies!

This post has been brought to you by yet another attempt to put up pics of babes so as to garner even more traffic.

14 thoughts on “YC going home

  1. Adrian

    Hey, err, I’m not only an IT geek, I’m a Linux fanatic also. In my free time, I fiddle around with Java, C/C++, Scheme and even occasionally the arcane arts of PostgreSQL. I have bad personal hygiene because I sit in front of the computer too long. If that sounds remotely hot to anyone, please visit my site and shoot me an email.

    Just kidding, I don’t like hot chicks. Computers turn me on more.

    Just kidding about the just kidding part. Computers turn me on only because they have pictures of hot chicks in them.

  2. YC

    Mmmm….smelly I.T geek.

    Sometimes I really wonder the word verification is to stop spammer or to test my eyesight. Such a pain to decipher the bugger. Perhaps a delayed 8 hrs flight has got my eyes twitched.

  3. Adrian

    mooiness: I am, rather, aren’t I? *simpers at self in mirror* Yep, I am the epitome of every quality I find admirable in others.

    yc: Yes, I constantly smell of fused wire and burnt rubber (from wire casing). And I also think this Turing test thingy is a real bitch. Why can’t they rig it such that you only have to do it once? Why do we have to prove that we aren’t bots over and over and over again? It’s like

    blogger: are you a bot?
    me: nope.
    blogger: you may speak.
    me: *speaks*
    me: so hey, about this other thing . . .
    blogger: are you a bot?
    me: what the fuck? didn’t we just do this?
    blogger: are you a bot?
    me: . . .
    blogger: are you a bot?

    (ad infinitum)

    Shit, this is funny, I’m gonna post this.

  4. mooiness

    yc: I belatedly realised that you were still in Singapore when I checked my stats. 🙂

    Yeah I can imagine the surrealness – the air, the weather, the ppl, the food, the traffic … everything’s different.

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