A line from a BMWfilm

October 20, 2005 6:50 PM

Just continuing on from the previous post, this is a line from one of the shorts titled “The Follow” directed by Wong Kar-Wai:

There’s always something waiting at the end of road. And if you are not willing to see what it is, you probably shouldn’t be out there in the first place.


7 thoughts on “A line from a BMWfilm

  1. mooiness

    yeah I found it really really profound too. Basically: you only have one life, live it. 🙂

    The new logo is actually an old one done by an IRC friend back in the day when I had a “homepage”. 😛 Shame that I’ve lost touch with her tho.

  2. the virgin undergrad

    Wong Kar Wai one have meh which one?! wah! i wanna see! where?! i watched most of the others before. i loved the one with James Brown and Gary Oldman, and the one with the Pulitizer prize winning photographer who died. they’re the best. the one with the russian roullete guy was not bad too, not the least cos’ he was driving the Z4 hehe.

  3. mooiness

    the v.u.: you’ve seen the others and you haven’t seen WKW’s one??? His is called “The Follow” and it’s one of the season 1 films. Better hurry, today’s the last day they’d be online. 🙂

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