My babelicious blog readers

October 20, 2005 12:39 AM

Yesterday, Mili said that I’m taking this “hotness by association” thing too far. No, yesterday’s post wasn’t going too far. Today’s is! Wahahhahah. Get ready for a whole bunch of link-whoring and babe pics.

Presenting 4 of my regular *female* readers and how I chanced upon their blogs …

Blinkymummy – stumbled onto her blog via Miyagi.

YC of BlackJettas – stumbled onto her blog (or rather “their blog”: other blog members include YK and Bert) via a comment she left on Blinkymummy’s blog.

StarryLuvly – stumbled onto her blog while doing a Technorati search for Benny Sai during that whole SPG saga.

and of course …

Mili – stumbled onto her blog via Singabore.

All of them are attached so what’s the point, you ask?! Haven’t you been paying attention???? HOTNESS BY ASSOCIATION!

Here’s some tips for the guys if you wanna attract and retain *ahem* my calibre of female readers. Heh. 😛

  1. DO leave thoughtful and intelligent comments to their posts.
  2. DO NOT leave inane comments like: “I luv your blog!”, “Haha, you are so funny!”, “You are so pretty!”
  3. DO NOT solicit them for dates or worse, sex.
  4. DO NOT spam their email.
  5. DO NOT send them pics of yourself, clothed or otherwise.
  6. DO use their full blog names or link back to them in your posts so that they can find you via Technorati/IceRocket.
  7. DO NOT link or mention them if you are being derogatory in your post. Actually if you are the derogatory type, you can f**k off now.
  8. DO NOT beg them to blogroll you. If they like your blog they will do so without you asking.
  9. DO NOT beg period.

and this last tip can’t really be taught, you just have to put in the effort and practice …

  1. DO write well and write often. Here’s more blogging tips from Tony Pierce.

Your blog has to be interesting for them to be regular readers right?

Yes ladies, if you saw in your stats some stalker going through your archives … it was I. Was looking for good pics of your lovely selves. 😉

Footnote: I almost vomited blood when I tried to run by 2 of these chickies which pics of them I should be using.

4 thoughts on “My babelicious blog readers

  1. ~*Starryluvly*~

    Whee! I’m mentioned and complimented! Thank you for making me feel all special and famous-like. This really is my week!

    Sorry about the MSN convo Mooi – but you should have known better than to ask a girl to choose which picture is best!!!!

    Anyway, with tip number two – it might actually work if the said inane comment is a sincere compliment and if the said blog does turn out to be a gem. Otherwise, I’d probably look once, then not really bother after.

  2. mooiness

    starry: your modesty only makes your HOTTER. Hahah 😛

    Yeah erm not to perpetuate the stereotype but damn, a consensus is sure hard to come by with a woman – let alone two!

    An inane comment can be backed up by some other form of intelligent analysis of what you posted or of your blog. Then it would be a comment that would make me want to visit the author’s blog. Anything else, read and forget. 😉

    I also don’t like comments that just ape what you’ve just said or those that tell u you are wrong without explaining why.

    sourrain: Hahaah I have you know that last night’s convo was borderline excrutiating. 😛 Well I believe girls are more critical on themselves than others. You look ok lah. Actually you look more than ok. Maybe I should post a sibei ugly pic of myself to make you all feel better. 😛

  3. jane

    Hi! i was looking for an email address for YC on her blog but I can’t see any button or whatever where I can email and I dun want to leave a comment…


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