I had a haircut

October 22, 2005 1:40 PM

It’s blog-whoring time …

Vincent was a waiter who once worked at my parents’ restaurant a few years back. Then he left for Melbourne to be a hairdressing apprentice. 2 years later, despite having a great job at a popular salon there he decided to come back here and try to establish himself. And oh yeah he got married too.

So long story short, he started a small business with his wife. My cousin and his bandmates had been going to him. And today I had a haircut by him. I like it a lot. At $15 it’s also cheaper than my regular mass-production place in a shopping mall ($22). So here’s how I look.

I don’t think my pics do his cut justice. You just have to take my word for it. 😛 And here’s his card.

6 thoughts on “I had a haircut

  1. Anonymous

    Uh…you know that when you say someone “upped himself”, you’re saying that he killed himself? Which I don’t think is what you’re trying to convey here…

  2. the virgin undergrad

    winthrop very far leh. how much did it cost? i usually cut @ top image. it’s rather cheaper, and most of us dun really trust our asian hair wif ang moh barbers lol. several frens had bad haircuts when they went to the ang moh hairdressers.

    consumer feedback: can Mix open for lunch during weekends too?!! can spare asian food purists like me and my housemates the plight of enduring a hungry weekend =)

  3. mooiness

    anonymous: i think the word you meant was “offed”. But I’ve edited the post to remove any misunderstanding. 🙂

    the v.u.: yeah it is a bit far for you. You are right about angmohs with Asian hair – if you are lucky you may find some that are actually quite knowledgable about Asian hair. It’s something that they have to learn in hairdressing school anyway. I guess some get to practice more than others.

    Re: Mix opening hours. Well we wouldn’t mind but if it’s just a trickle of ppl coming in, it might not be worth it. If we open, we are just gonna spread out the already-thin crowd amongst the other Asian eateries: Student Cafe, Snackbox, Viet Nosh and that Japanese place.


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