Dinner at The Queens

October 23, 2005 11:09 PM

My cousin’s bf is away in Melbourne on business so I was her stand-in dinner date tonight. We went to The Queens in Highgate – a popular Sunday session* place. Had drinks there before but never had the food there. It was decent, nothing fantastic but the ambience more than make up for it. And the deco is old-fashioned plush and funky at the same time.

Beauty and the average. This pic makes me look absolutely anorexic. She had a steak sandwich and a glass of red, and I had the rump steak and a pint of Stella Artois.

Her social circle and mine back in uni overlapped and we mostly talked about what happened to whom, who’s married who, wasn’t that guy/girl such a bastard/bitch etc. And one thing that we both agreed on was that with our hindsight and our confidence and maturity now, uni would have been a bigger blast.

For one, we wouldn’t have been intimidated by ppl we think were totally HOT and we could have talked properly in their presence. I for one would have asked several girls out that I didn’t have the guts to. 😉

Good food and great conversation and even better company. Once again, it’s the simple things in life that cheer me up.

* Sunday session is a uniquely West-Australian term for Sunday drinks and usually go on from 3:00pm till 10:00pm.

14 thoughts on “Dinner at The Queens

  1. the virgin undergrad

    wow, where’s highgate? looks damn atas. was the damage considerable?

    i think u’re very right saying how uni would have been a bigger blast with maturity. my social circle is like limited to the various malaysian/singaporean frens here and quite frankly even @ 22, most of us just can’t seem to shrug off the shyness and just totally immerse ourselves in the true aussie partying scene – which are prolly LOADS more fun than the asian/singaporean events. i just hope i won’t graduate with regrets thinking about fun i’ve missed.

    dating too, neither have the balls nor even the impetus. i guess i’m resigned to being the virgin undergrad that i am. emotionally or otherwise. sigh…

  2. mooiness

    starry: yeah we should. I guess if even KENNY SIA have met up with the ppl here, I really have no more excuses right? 😛 I let you organise lah! I’m flexible. 🙂

    the v.u.: The Queens is on Beaufort Street, near Red Orchid Thai, Must Winebar etc. Not exactly atas, the prices were your average cafe prices. For what we both had, it was around $50 including drinks.

    About maturity and self-confidence, unfortunately that takes time to develop. I had the same feelings then that you have now but you know what, don’t have any regrets. If you are not ready, you are not ready so don’t rush yourself. Once you are out in the workplace, your social life would definitely improve *if* you put the effort into it. Which is different from when you are in uni where the social life just happens without you doing anything.

    Kinda ironic – the time when it’s the easiest to have a great social life is when you are not 100% comfortable with yourself. 😉

    tfp: It was so-so only but everything made up for it. Yeah those were whole steamed tomatoes. Why? You have a liking for them? 🙂

  3. sourrain

    One strange thing…the both of you seem to be wearing the exact same shirt!

    I have mini sunday sessions in KL and UK as well….badly needed to recuperate from the Sat nite binge..:D. Usually running from 1pm-5pm

  4. mooiness

    sourrain: damn now that you mentioned it – yeah!

    Heheh…you are more hardcore than I thought. I can’t do a Sunday session if I had too much the night before. Because the last thing I’d want for my hangover is more drinks. 🙂

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