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October 24, 2005 10:41 AM

So Starry and some Perth bloggers met up with Kenny Sia on Saturday night. She had asked me if I wanted to go and I said, “I didn’t get invited, go for what?” And then I was surprised to hear that Kenny mentioned my name and that could have been due to a few things: one critical post about him, or two about XiaXue. Turns out it’s the XiaXue one about the toilets for the disabled. I’m sibei influencial eh?

And as I knew it would happen, Starry got quizzed on XiaXue. Hahah! She said that I’m lucky to not have went because I would have been quizzed about it too. I would have relished it! Bring it ON! Which brings us to this post and some things that are continually being spewed forth by certain “blogebrities” (UGH!) and they are:

  • If you don’t like it, don’t read it.
  • Blogging should not be taken so seriously.

These two things do sound like logical arguments but they are very lazy ones.

First of all, blogs are a public medium. It doesn’t matter if it’s their first time chancing upon the blog or not, ppl will react to something that they feel strongly about. If you don’t like public reaction, don’t blog it. If you put it on a blog, it’s fair game. Just like I’m fair game for writing this right now. Come back to me with a sensible argument and I will discuss it intelligently.

Otherwise I’d ignore it and so should you “popular” bloggers. If you don’t like criticism, don’t blog. Otherwise if you blog, don’t whinge and whine about the reaction. Especially when you choose to blog about controversial topics. And you know what? Not everyone likes you – GET OVER IT.

Second, unless yours are the ilk of Jeff Ooi’s, or those that provide a voice for those without a voice, I agree that blogs should not be taken too seriously. There are things of far greater importance in this world than our little online diaries (yes that’s what they are – cringe on it all you want but it’s the truth). However when a blog is the only thing that we have to know the person by, it’s inevitable that ppl will form an impression in their minds who that person is based on just their blogs.

They say that communication is 80% non-verbal. Strip away all that and you have “static” words. Words carry an exaggerated importance in the absence of non-verbal cues. So it is prudent that words are chosen carefully because sometimes we cannot tell by mere words if you are being sarcastic or not. Without body language and the tone of voice, words are all we have to construe the meaning.

Third, I agree with Starry wholeheartedly about criticising XiaXue. We don’t criticise her for the sake of it, or because she’s XiaXue. We criticise her for the things that she writes. If it were anyone else and I had seen what they wrote, I’d criticise them just the same. Please give us some credit.

Kenny also mentioned something about “bloggers aren’t politicians” and that “it gets disheartening to see people put you down”. Just because bloggers aren’t politicians, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be held accountable for what we say. The recent sedition case in Singapore only proves this point. So once again, we bloggers aren’t all that but WORDS MATTER.

With regards to XiaXue, ppl put her down because *on her blog* she comes across as shallow, callous and insensitive, and sometimes highly contradictory. I’m sure she’s different and nice in person. But if she doesn’t want to be put down then she should reassess her writing because that’s all we got to know her by. Believe it or not I was once a fan too.

As an intelligent person yourself Kenny, surely you can see the real reasons why she copped so much sh*t right? Because I have more respect for you than one of her fanboys that hold on to this thought as though it was gospel:

Stick up for me and I might just let you stick it up me baby.

Right or not?

19 thoughts on “Blogging responsibly

  1. ~*Starryluvly*~

    Great post mooi! *grin*

    I fully agree with most of your points except the taking blogs seriously one. I think some bloggers do expect to be taken seriously, like I mentioned on my blog. After all, blogs are not only restricted to online diaries… and even then, some people completely detest the term.

    To be fair to Kenny tho, he did admit that XX needed to choose her words better. Though, I don’t think he’ll go to the extent of agreeing that the posts which all us readers are pissed off by, are worth getting criticising her over.

    Am loving the last phrase 😉

  2. mooiness

    Yeah should have added a caveat that some blogs (like Jeff Ooi’s) are more than just online diaries. And that some also allow a voice to be given to those without a voice.

    I would imagine that Kenny can understand that her posts were misguided as opposed to inflammatory like most of us think so. Hence he can’t understand why we “hate” her so much. 😉

    That last phrase, oh I knew you would love it. 😛 *bow*

  3. ~*Starryluvly*~

    Honestly, hate is too strong a word. And I think we are quite mild actually because it’s not like we go out of the way to flame her. And we only attack based on what we see. We don’t go randomly calling her a whore. We don’t email her.

    In fact, we only do it on our blogs. And if people find it – obviously, they were looking for itvia technorati and the like.

  4. Kynne

    Canggih Mooi. Great post, I agree with Nadia.

    You two are the best writers I’ve seen so far. Betul eh, I’m not
    vacuuming up to you both.

    Seriously, I could sit between both of you and turn my head from side to side like in a tennis court, watching you two engaged in a very interesting conversation.

    Might need more than just a drink or two. Hehehehehe.

  5. mooiness

    kynne: kalau u nak vacumm, pun boleh! Hahahahh……

    But thanks for the compliment. Tennis match somemore! Ping pong lagi best … faster! Hahahah. 🙂

    Ah no need drinking for our posts one lah, it’s enough excitement as they are. 😛

  6. Kenny Sia

    Haha! Strangely Marcus, I didn’t even know you wrote such a critical entry about me until I read this post which linked to it.

    Anyway, I thought you might wanna come to the meet at Farrell’s since I’ve heard about you, you’ve heard about me, you seem like a nice guy and I know you’re in Perth. I know you’re pals with Nadia and that’s why I asked about you.

    Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not looking to challenge you or put up a fight with you in a Blogger vs Blogger match or something. Heh. 🙂

    With regards to that entry by Wendy, I do not agree with her idealogy that any Tom Dick and Harry can use disabled toilets. However I respect the fact that she has a different point of view to most of us. It’s not that she “cannot accept criticisms” as you called it. I’m pretty sure she expects and can accept non-abusive criticisms like the one raised by Peter Tan or Nadia.

    But for people to call her a female dog and other colourful little names BECAUSE of it – that, I think is as unnecessary and uncivilised as me calling Su-Yin’s accident fair. In the aftermath of that post by her, I noticed a lot of normally sane and intelligent people getting abusive, and that is what I find very disheartening.

    You can write anything you want on your blog, but you definitely DO NOT deserve to be abused or get called names simply because you have a difference in opinion.

    (unless you choose to abuse other ppl in the first place, then fair game lah.)

  7. ~*Starryluvly*~

    I guess people get carried away when they’re annoyed about something. I know that I am certainly guilty of that, and it doesn’t neccesarily mean what I say. Not that being upset necessarily warrants that.

    What I’m trying to say that if someone expresses a thought, or blogs in a manner which rubs people the wrong way you can expect all hell to break loose. It’s similar to how people get road rage – you cut me off, I introduce you to my middle finger. Transferred agression so to speak.

    However, an unprovoked attack is a different matter altogether – just like how some people will still criticise Wendy regardless of what she published. That’s not on.

    But poppa always said – you will get people who love you to no end, and you will get people who, despite what you do, will be intolerant of you. Everyone has a right to an opinion too.

    I think that as long as they don’t go emailing Wendy, spamming her comment box or abusing her on the street, really, what’s written on blogs (as a result to being provoked by her post that is) she may never even visit is minor.

  8. sourrain

    Bravo my little grasshopper.


    When we next have a virtual drinking session, beer on me.

    What I don’t get is,why are people sticking up for xx criticizing disabled people?Don’t she understand that they would luuuuuurrve to be able to join the queue for the lucky able-being people?

    In a bimbostic example, it’s like Britney Spears preaching to 9 year olds that it is OK to have sex at 12.Fame comes with responsibility. It’s a burden the oh-so-famous blogberity have to embrace.

    Which I forsee this little grasshopper becoming one soon with his profound influence. But moo will always write with the eloquence and common sense that we have all come to love.

    Moo: Vacumm enough already ornot:P

  9. mooiness

    starry: too true. To criticise her without basis is wrong. However in our case, she has provided lotsa ammunition by her own words. And you are right about us firing back at her via blogging. Anything else would be too unsavoury to contemplate, no? 😉

    yc: Ramli for me! Ramli for everyone! 🙂

    sourrain: vacumm memang cukup! Tonight I wouldn’t be able to sleep ah! Maybe need some hot-toddy. 😛 “Profound influence” … shucks, oh you look me too up liao. Hahahahh!

    To be fair, Kenny does disagree with XX about the toilet thing. I can only hope that he can make her see what the rest of us see.

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