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October 24, 2005 4:45 PM

Kenny Sia was very gracious in his response to two of my posts and you can see his comments to them:

I do admit to being a bit more hot-headed than Starry (a.k.a. Nadia) and Peter Tan in my responses to XiaXue’s 2 most controversial posts thus far. The following are examples of what got me riled up in those posts:

  • calling a Malay person a “Malay f**k” and for saying that she’d hit him with a pig
  • not respecting the fact that being an able-bodied person, she has more choices and alternatives with regards to toilets, which the disabled don’t.

Go read her posts in their entirety if you want your blood to boil further. What makes it worse is that she can’t see what she’s said was wrong and hurtful. And that’s what caused me to call her a “biatch” the second time round – first was when I responded to her KL trip.

As for the whole fame incident, I just want to say to Kenny that you articulated yourself better in your comment here than on your post. For misunderstanding and misrepresenting your point of view, I do apologise. But like I keep saying, when you only got words, what words you use become quite important in conveying your true meaning. Otherwise it just becomes one big game of Chinese whispers.

But in the interest of maintaining a harmonious discourse, I want to say that I’m not afraid of admitting my mistakes. Can XiaXue say the same? 😉

8 thoughts on “Kenny responded

  1. sourrain

    Anger is becomming you,mooi:)

    If she can apologize for all her hurtful and hateful words, the sky will rain biatches.

    A petulant little girl should always be left alone to play with her barbie dolls.Let sleeping biatches lie.

    I forsee myself kena bombard with this commment,but I cannot agree more with Mooi.

  2. the virgin undergrad

    true, blog reading should be taken with a pinch of salt, and there really isn’t a point getting all worked up over blog entries which are nothing more than mad rants.

    especially in Xiaxue’s case. we just cannot expect every one to be willing to, or perhaps capable of blogging coherently. and in fact, most of the times, mad ranting blogs can be a whole lotta fun. whether or not the rants are valid and the ‘dun-come-to-my-blog-if-u-hate-me’ arguments are really beside the point, since firstly u can never expect to convince, or be convinced by someone entrenched with an opposing viewpoint anyway. once u post something on an open source, u should be prepared to face criticisms – constructive or otherwise.

    but what i do have a problem with, is the way Xiaxue encouraged fans to swamp to the blogs of ppl she disliked to flame them though she seems to do it less frequently now. i think about a year ago, she accuses this fillipino blogger for plagiarising her blog and posted her links to incite her so-called fans to flame the poor fillipino girl on her blog. even though the fillipino girl had a suspiciously similar template, i simply cannot see how her entries were plagiarised since it was essentially a photo-galore blog anway. it was ugly. many of the flaming went as far as to make derogotary remarks about the nationality of that girl, eventually forcing the girl to enable password on her blog for quite sometime. and somewhere along the line, xiaxue also encouraged her ‘fans’ to flame this blog which was apparantly written by a certain singaporean celebrity which she disliked, eventually forcing the alleged celeb to abandon the blog altogether. it was perhaps not unlike what rockson’s readers did to ephraim but at least rockson din’ post that bugger’s link and incite them to flame him.

    with great readership comes great responsibility, hehe. and to exploit one’s popularity at the expense of other bloggers is just dodgy to say the least. if u expect ppl to respect ur freedom of expression in spite of all the controversial rants u may propogate, then u jolly well respect that of other bloggers.

  3. sourrain

    Yes, kill me,kill me now!!

    Anyway.*someone* might tell her about all this..and she might start biatching about you on her blog,then your blogberity status will shoot up the sky!

    Woohoo.Can I have your autograph first ah?peas?

  4. Kenny Sia

    Cheers for that, mate. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m not gonna go out there and change what Wendy thinks on issues like that. She thinks on a different wavelength than most of us and I’ve come to accept that fact. I myself smack my own forehead many times when I read some of her entries.

    At the end of the day I just don’t see her as some threat to national security. Wendy Cheng is just a harmless little girl with a stubborn mind and a politically-incorrect way of putting her points across. That’s all. She didn’t call Peter Tan names or insult him online, so to me, it’s all cool.

    Now, if she runs in the Singapore elections, then its a whole different story altogether.

  5. mooiness

    the v.u.: yes agreed on all points especially the part where she incites ppl to flame other bloggers. Highly hypocritical of her. And ah, cannot add any more points to ur comments – u argued good. 🙂 But I do say this we don’t rant for the sake of ranting, I rant because I want more and more ppl to realise that her writings are illogical and hurtful. Just trying to bring some sense and balance into this little thing we call blogs. 😉

    sourrain: whahahaa. Erm I can only hope. Woohoo! Yeah yeah autograph? Can! How many you want???? 😛

    kenny: no worries. Hehe….yeah she in politics!? *shudder* 😉

  6. the virgin undergrad

    you’ll be surprised. there’re a couple of mouth-trigger-happy singaporean politicians who will give xiaxue a run for her money.

    Ling How Doong, opposition leader whose claim to fame is enunicating the words ‘talk cock’ in parliament and only to justify it later by saying it’s a figure of speech describing a ‘cock and bull story’…

    ex-PAP backbencher, Choo Wee Kiang, once made a racial perjorative describing serangoon road (an indian populated suburb) as ‘very dark, and in need of more street lighting’ and laughed about it in a parliament session. not unlike XX’s ‘pig hitting’

    but i guess she’s getting the training befitting of a politician. it’s no mean feat to make a heavily qualified public apology and across coming across as having a having a tinge of sincerity in it, LOL.

  7. mooiness

    the v.u.: woo thanks for the interesting stories. 🙂 But XX’s apology, got sincere meh???? Sheit, if this is the first time something like that had happen maybe we can believe her. But not when that’s her modus operandi – flame flame flame, then apologise.


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