Dancing the happy dance

October 25, 2005 8:24 AM

Xiaxue had one of her commercial endorsements canned. And once again she utters the same bullsh*t:



Fine you can say whatever you want but I guess it is finally hurting you now where you’d feel it the most – your cute little purse-strings. But you see, company endorsements are like that. They don’t like controversy because it hurts their pristine images. And since they give you money to endorse their products, they can take it away anytime that they want.

The world does not revolve around you, and neither do you live in a vacuum. By uttering the same lame excuses over and over again only makes you look foolish. Surely you must know the consequences of a public persona (ie. you) creating controversies? And don’t make me laugh even more – you ain’t no Paris Hilton.

Another thing, disparaging Peter Tan … woah that was surely misguided. He is a blogger of a higher calibre than you are because he blogs with intelligence and a conscience – do you?

I’m seeing that the comments on your post are all from your rabid supporters (moderating them eh? ;)). By their uneducated comments about Malaysians and the disabled, it goes to show that you cannot possibly be a good role model for Singaporeans. Even if you never asked to be a role model, you are one now. It comes with the territory.

And don’t be hypocritical about Peter writing to your sponsors either – you have done similar for lesser reasons, which is to incite your fans to flame other bloggers till they have to close their blogs. Karma is a bitch, isn’t it?

Kimberly Cun and Peter Tan – I salute thee!

This is all so very ironic to have happened only a day after Kenny tried to paint her in a better light here. Que sera sera.

*puts on flame-retardant suit* Come one, come all you f**kers!

16 thoughts on “Dancing the happy dance

  1. sourrain

    Here we go again. Not only she had just lumped Malaysians as a jealous and malicious bunch, she had went all-out to insult Peter Tan and reiterating that NO ONE has the right to a clean, accesible toilet and that we should be glad to be living in a country which even have toilets.

    God help her soul, because it seems to have been possesed by the devil.

    Pardon my french, but I am damn 7 toolan with this imbecile little petulant biatch.

    I want to see what the blogberities have to say about this

  2. mooiness

    You are damn 7 toolan, I’m damn 9 toolan loh. Heh. Yes very nonsensical arguments all round. I read on the grapevine that she got criticised on TV by some social commentator too. About time! There are more intelligent Singaporeans out there and they definitely do not want to have this siao chaboh being the most visible representation of who they are.

    Somehow I think the other prominent S’porean bloggers may stay mum on the issue. Just a hunch. 😉

  3. sourrain

    Because they are all her *aherm* friends.

    She is actually more pissed off at the fact that her endorsement is boh-liao rather than people criticizing her.

    An ambassador is the public face of the company. And she says that what she blogs does NOT represent the companies she is an ambassador for. Then what for they pay her? Because they want a tax writeoff for donation to the imbecile?

    I remember Starry’s post about boycotting. Well, I guess now is time to actually go to Voxy and tell them good job they dumped her.

    Bravo for Voxy for being brave enough to face the wrath of this imbecile petulant little biatch.But does the rest of the sponsors have enough balls to do that too?

  4. mooiness

    Yeah – most stupid to say that her thoughts do not represent the views of the company. That’s the whole fucking definition of “endorsement”! And you are right about her being more peeved at losing her endorsement deal rather than ppl criticising her. Also remember what I said about “contrition”? Not a hint of it!

    I think Voxy would be dealing with a barrage of mails from her rabid fans as of now. Maybe we should’t add onto their load. Besides, Peter and Kimberly has mentioned them on their blogs. On their sidebars I think.

  5. louyau-mike

    Eh … i already have had enough of this two ppl already … one more post from bullshit from her and i swear i will shove that dildo thru her left ear and comes out the other end !!!

    Anyway … you are amazing … wish to talk to you more.

  6. Kimberlycun

    thank you. im happy to see finally someone who look at the big picture than harping on the name ‘name calling’ issue. i agree that was uncalled for from me, and i’m not proud of it either. too late to repent, i suppose. anyway, you write a good blog!

  7. mooiness

    louyau-mike: I know … blogging about blogging does make me feel that I’m being so insular sometimes, but hot damn it’s FUN!

    kimberly: thanks! I’ve always said it that the only way she’d learn or even repent (doubt it) is to hurt her where it hurts the most – her precious endorsement deals. Hope you and Peter get some sort of result with the other companies. 🙂

  8. sourrain

    eh little grasshopper…ask her permission first la!


    When I get rid of my boss I will upload that logo too.It’s like wearing pink ribbon to represent breast cancer awareness and red to embrace AIDS awareness.Maybe Starry can create a logo like the one she did for racial tolerance?

  9. Anonymous

    peter tan should just die off since he is disabled and useless, everyday thinking of ways to ask ppl donate to him, next will be he asking for donation for shaving his pubes
    peter go and die lah

  10. Alex

    her quotes seem to be like from Eminem’s songs. We know Eminem’s no good examples for kids for the explicit lyrics. but XX says she’s a good example for sg teens. The conclusion is…. i’m sure only smart ppl can come up with the smart answer 🙂

  11. mooiness

    alex: wahahah you are the first one who knew it. 🙂

    Well put it this way, Eminen courts controversy and dealt with it without whinging and bitching about it as if he didn’t know it was coming all along. I have more respect for him in how he handles his business. 😉


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