I is Superman

October 25, 2005 11:20 PM

I is Superman.

Even my emails are super-powered. I sent out two and lo and behold, TWO companies trembled at the sight of them.

I alone said boycott, and TWO companies cowered.

I not even in Singapore but still … TWO companies relented to my super-powered emails.

I didn’t start this campaign – big ups and respect to Kimberly Cun and Peter Tan for the initiative. But I alone caused TWO companies to fall down on their knees. Yeah Peter and Kimberly were just my sidekicks – they DID NOT contribute at all. Oh no. My SUPERPOWERS alone caused TWO companies to crumble.

I is extremely noble. I carried all the outrage and indignation caused by XiaXue. Yes I alone carried it. No one else did.

Let it be known henceforth, I is Superman. For my powers are damn powderful sia.

20 thoughts on “I is Superman

  1. mooiness

    lynne: everyday! Superman very clean one! 😛 Re: Skylines, well you have cheaper cars in the US also what. For example, the Supra is cheap there but expensive here. 🙂

    ryosuke: Yup hide behind their Anon fences and they just blast away with idiotic comments. Thanks for the support! 🙂

    the v.u.: if an email campaign is not “Gandhi” enough, what else? Blog? Done that. Email her? Done that. Leave comments for her? Done that too.

    XX as Lex Luthor? I didn’t say one ah….

  2. Illicitus

    Hahah I read her blog now and then just to see what other shit she’s gotten herself into.

    I don’t really know anyone who actually finds her blog ‘interesting’…or maybe cos we all happen to be malaysian?

    oh dear lord! We jeolous malaysians we are!


  3. mooiness

    illicitus: yeah we must all be jealous. Everyone one of us. But then hor, how come we not jealous of Brown, Miyagi, Rockson, or Blinkymummy ah? Why we don’t write hate posts for them one??? How come so many hate post for her only?

    Stupid right? 😉 Anyone who argues her silly points are instantly labelled “jealous”. Like that’s the best that her and her fans can come up with because we speak the truth.

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