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  1. mooiness

    Yeah baby!

    Although I’m probably one of many who wrote in to them. But I’m glad to see common sense and the good ppl prevail. Now let’s see what the pro-XX flamers would say to me. Woohoo!

    I’m so fucking giddy! 😛

  2. mooiness

    alex: exactly my friend, exactly. 😉 Like as if XX gives a shit if you support her, I can just hear her now, “You got pay me onnot?!?” They are true lemmings.

    Freedom of speech means you are free to deal with the consequences too. And this is one of those consequences. 😉

  3. //june

    I dont know how you came across my blog but still, thanks for visiting (:
    i agree with you that people disliker her for her words.
    But then again, people Do say the wrong things at times. If not means they say things that others interpret wrongly.
    Come to think about it, i’m no related to her anwiways. hahas. so i guess the conversation bout her is closed for now (:

  4. mooiness

    suanie: but in the end you did what. 😛

    starry: yeah come to think of it. Heh. Oh well, that aspect of it doesn’t really concern us. The job is done. Spoil your image with ill-conceived thoughts and you can expect a sponsor to think twice about being associated with you.

    june: found you via Technorati. Yes misinterpretation can happen which is why words should be chosen carefully. Because that’s all we got here … words.

  5. Anonymous

    her words were harsh and perhaps, hurting, but does that give you a right to attack her livelihood? if you think she was irritating and insentive, well, i’m sorry to say you’re nowhere better.

    thousands out there have their own opinions and offend others while stating their views, but only a few despicable people stoop so low as to ‘take revenge’ in this manner. you are causing her hurt directly.

    and all these while, most people did not agree with what she said, but we have enough common sense to know that different people have different views. besides, she was not as extreme and crude when it came to the handicapped toilets issue.

  6. Soulgroove

    I can’t agree with you guys on this.

    If you all don’t like what she says, feel offended by what she says or disagree with her, leave a comment or email her and tell her that. Confront the issue. Not the person.

    Even when I don’t agree with her at times or feel offended by her words sometimes, I leave a comment or write her an email but I don’t deliberately and intentionally hurt her in real life.

    By choosing to attack her endorsements, you guys moving away from cyberspace to hurt her in real life.

    Attacking with words in blogs and hurting people in real life are 2 very seperate ways of confrontation.

    I think you all acted very irresponsibly.

  7. Anonymous

    U went all out to make her life miserable, causing her to lose her endorsement deals. But do you yourself actually support voxy, kimage or even buy the localbrand tshirt?

    You find happiness in making her fall, I question ur integrity. How could a person like you be any better than xx?

  8. sourrain

    If we are irresponsible…

    Is it then responsible for her to continue influencing her mostly teenaged fans who might not have the benefit of insight like us to THINK that it is OK to insult arabs and disabled people?AND Malaysia to boot?

    Like I’ve said.It’s like Britney spears preaching to 9 year olds that it is OK to have sex just cos she enjoyed it.

    Her sponsors probably had no insight on the damage that she is causing to them until the general public started writing in.

    We are just stating facts. Kimage and Voxy are(were) supporting someone who think it is ok to insult disabled people and arabs.

    If Kimage and Voxy agree with her views, then so be it, continue endorsing her. As an ambassador, she is considered as a public image for the companies that sponsor her.

    Don’t blame us for letting her sponsors in on their precious little ambassador. I think they are thankful that someone has at last enlighten them on what their precious little ambassador is preaching to her masses,therefore representing their views.

    Don’t give us shit that she is NOT representing their views. That is what they PAY her for.

  9. mooiness

    To the anonymous ones: I did emailed her and of course I never did get a reply. I emailed her not once but twice: the KL thing and the toilet thing.

    As far as I had known she never expressed any regret for saying those hurtful things. Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I believe that when you know have a target audience who are young and impressionable, you carry an extra load of responsibility. If you have seen the ugly remarks made by her supporters against Malaysia, the disabled and Peter/Kimberly, you’d know that they feel that is ok to think the way they do.

    Like it or not, she’s no longer your average blogger. She no longer can use the argument “if you dont like it, don’t read it.” Read my post about blogging responsibly and read what her good friend Kenny Sia had to say in that post.

    And please you give me too much credit. As if *I* alone can influence what TWO companies did with regards to their sponsorship arrangements. They have their own agenda and they run things the way they see fit. I sent *2* emails only.

    The question that she need to ask herself is: why do so many ppl disagree with me? The truth is, it isn’t neccesarily about us being jealous, wanting to get hits blah blah.

    mob1900: thanks dude. 🙂

    sourrain: Exactly! She can taint her image all she wants with her ill-conceived words – it just means that the companies may think twice of being associated with her. 😉

  10. the virgin undergrad

    i dun think i can agree with u on that either, marcus.

    sure, as a full time blogger, she has to resign herself to be put on trial by public opinion simply cos’the only reason why the companies sought her endorsements in the first place.

    that being said, looking solely from the POV of her readership, the question therefore lies on whether or not her controversial statements were sufficiently damaging for blogders to cast a negative perception the products she endorsed. that in itself is highly subjective, and not everyone who rationally disagrees with her views neccessarily extrapolates a negative connotation towards her endorsements. there is a considerable difference between hating what someone, hating what he/she said, and hating what he/she endorses.

    and give this subjectivity, the only rational way would be simply to allow each individual blogder to judge her on their own opinion. to seek to influence other blogders via a concerted smear campaign of some sorts is quite frankly just as dodgy.

    the retaliation is simply a case of inflicting ‘tangible’ damages on what was arguably at best statements that cast ‘intangible’ damages.

    moreover, when u actually consider how most or perhaps all the firms that sought her endorsement are singaporean-based companies, and contrast that with the fact that the most prominent proponents of her boycott campaign are in fact not singaporeans and hence fall beyond the targetted consumer base of the products she endorses, it is highly dubious as to a backlash from potential consumers really exists.

    quite frankly, the whole boycott things just seems to be purely motivated by schadenfreude. it really isn’t that different from her manipulating public opinion by inciting blogders to harrass other bloggers. it’s a case of hating the sinner, but loving the sin.

  11. Kenny Sia

    I think you’ve taken this whole thing a little bit too personally, Marcus. This looks, smells and tastes like a personal vendetta against her. Too vindicative. Not cool at all.

    I wonder if you did the same thing to Pauline Hanson when she made her maiden speech.

  12. Anonymous

    mooiness, like after 2 days this things has died down, she loose her income and etc what u gonna do next to hike up ur traffic? running around nude or perhaps put ur head in the toilet bowl and flushed?

  13. mooiness

    the v.u.: the only reason it has escalated so far was because she doesn’t seem to realise that her words are more powerful than she thinks and what she writes are hurtful and wrong. If the only way to make her see the error of her ways is to affect her endorsement deals, then so be it.

    kenny: I didn’t start it dude. Peter and Kimberly did and to be honest I applaud them wholeheartedly. I jumped onto the bandwagon and ran with it.

    And yes I did do something when Pauline Hanson came out. Then again how am I gonna prove it to you anyhow? If you read my archives you know my stand against racists of all kind. And the truth is, XX is one too. So there. If Peter and Kimberly don’t agree with me, then I’d eat my words.

    anonymous: dude, why does everyone thinks it’s about “traffic”? You wanna disparage me, argue me about the stuff she writes. I would gladly partake in that argument.

  14. sourrain

    The day that marcus will go through this much trouble to hike up the traffic, i will PERSONALLY strip and run around naked for his audience

    All this trouble is because he is standing up for something that he supports. And we support him for doing it.

    Just like all those little xx minions supporting her racist, anti-kl sentiments and the trashing of the disabled.If YOU think it’s right, go ahead then.

  15. mooiness

    the v.u.: might I add that we did not smear her. We only brought to the companies’ attention the two posts that she wrote. That’s it. We did not make up stuff about her – her posts alone were ample evidence.

    As for you saying that the boycott is dubious, well fine. Then why would these Singaporean companies relent to us? You think that they are stupid or what? That they have no brains like XX’s little lemmings?

    Everyone seems to think it’s personal. Well it never started out this way – we started out by just hating her *words*. We mailed her nice emails saying why we were bothered by them. She didn’t respond. Then she did it again. Don’t blame us.

  16. Anonymous

    Marcus, I think you, kimberly and peter has taken this a bit too far – its clear than this is getting personal.

    You can see how fired up peter was when he called Jess “stupid” repeatedly in kimberly’s blog. He even put the words in capital as in “YOU ARE STUPID”.

    Link: http://www.kimberlycun.com/blog/?p=298

    I mean, yes, he has a point, but is it an excuse to call someone else “stupid”? Utterly distasteful… It shows the possibility that, at that point when peter emailed the sponsors, he was perhaps more motivated by anger and hate rather than common sense.

    peter subsequently apologized, but so? Sorry no cure – his inability to control his outburst places doubts into the real reason prompting him to email the sponsors. I’m not saying his main aim was to sabotage XiaXue, but it really is food for thought.

    First there were flame wars by blogs, then now ppl will even go to the extent to hurting people in real life for whatever reason they fancy.
    What has the blogosphere become?

  17. mooiness

    anonymous @12:10AM: ok if it got personal, what led up to it? Is it ok for XiaXue to call Malay ppl fuckers? Was it ok for her to disparage the disabled? You justify her words first before you come and ask me if we were justified in our indignation.

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind … yeah yeah whatever. We tried to be nice. We wrote emails to her saying why her words may be unsettling. She never responded. Then she go and shoot off her mouth again. Don’t think that all this came out of nowhere.

  18. Anonymous

    Malays ARE FUCKERS. if they arent How to malays reproduce?

    FYI: XX supporters are winning the battle, Kimage is feeling the pain of losing the customers of XX supporters. Go to her blog to check it out if you cant accept this fact

  19. Barely Justified

    We can’t avoid judging people but we can avoid taking any action that causes serious consequences. We can avoid executing.

    To judge is to automatically place ourselves on a moral pedestal. Since no one is perfect, no one hsould judge and execute.

    I don’t agree with Wendy Chengs views too. However disagreeing is one thing, trying to take away her endorsements and/or supporting those who take them away are not. Like you said in an earlierpost, karma’s a bitch. Would you like anyone to judge and make your life miserable by hitting you (in just on of the many places) where it would probably hurt the most?

    It’s not ok for her to call anyone any bad thing, but don’t you and I call other people names too? Have you not one guilty pleasure? Be it using a handicap toilet or coveting somebodys property?

    If we don’t like her, don’t read her. It’s that smiple. Who appointed you judge and executor? Who appointed anyone judge and executor?

    If you keep this up, you are simply saying that you are superior to Wendy Cheng. But trust me, we are all as bad, maybe only in different ways. We will screw up too. And saying sorry ain’t always going to cut it. Will you like people to suss out your weakness and attack it?

    Maybe you or the others wont be too bothered because you have no endorsements. Nothing to take away from you. If you had somehting importnat to you, would you want it to be taken away? No matter how justified the reason may be?

    I don’t takt sides. I’m simply not superior enough to judge. I can only give suggestions and comments.

    Hope this Wendy Cheng thing can end soon.

  20. ~*Starryluvly*~

    At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to an opinion. So if everyone is so keen to let XX keep hers, I don’t see why any other blogger should be denied that priviledge.

    I am also quite mystified by the people who exclaim: Oh it’s her livelihood!! How dare you purposely jeopardise it by sending in a complaint letter.

    If she depended on it so much, she would have done more to ensure that she projected herself positively. But the fact of the matter is, even after being advised to choose her words more carefully, she still chooses to go down the same path:

    1. Rant excessively and illogically about some random topic.
    2. Post a whiny entry about how misconstrued she was or bitch about how everyone who reads her blog are idiots.

    You do this once, fine. But come on, we’re all sick and tired of the same routine being repeated over and over again.

  21. Soulgroove

    In any case, we should all boycott GUESS products because GUESS uses Paris Hilton as their model and we all know what message Paris Hilton is sending to young children with her “interesting” home video. Therefore I say boycott GUESS because GUESS endorses Paris Hilton.

    We should also boycott Britney Spears very negative influence that she has in her “spicy” dressing, 24hrs marriage and sex before marriage. Please write a letter to Britney’s record company as well.

    The bottom line is, it is NOT ok for Xiaxue to call Malays whatever she called them. It is NOT ok for Xiaxue to disparage the disabled. But it is NOT reason for you to attack her personally in real life like that.

    She may not show respect to others. FINE. You can don’t respect her. You can flame her in your blog. But to hurt someone in real life?

    What if someone doesn’t like what you write and scolds foul language to your mother or father, or cause you to lose your job, how would you feel?

  22. ~*Starryluvly*~

    But therein lies this question: is the endorsement significant enough to be considered part of her livelihood? I believe that in her latest post, XX mentioned that she doesn’t depend on her endorsements.

    Speaking of jobs – XX considers herself a writer, and is a media graduate as well. You would think, that of all people she would know better than to blog the way she did.

    If any employers saw her blog, they would immediately question her suitability for a job. Employers nowadays are wary of bloggers – I know because one outrightly told me that if I kept my blog, I would have to sign a confidentiality statement if I were to work there. So if anything, even without people emailing sponsors, she would have jeopardised her own career anyway.

    I agree personal attacks are unacceptable. While I do not agree with XX, I do believe that she shouldn’t be subject to flamers and hate mail. But the fact of the matter is – extreme actions garner extreme reactions.

    And a good number of people feel what she posted was in extreme bad taste. So they reacted the way they feel is best.

    You can tell someone that you should email so and so – but it’s ultimately up to the individual to decide what to do.

    Similarly, it takes more than one person writing in to make a company drop their ambassador. I mean, companies would be quite stupid to base their advertising decisions on just one opinion.

  23. mooiness

    starry: *sob* I heart you! As I kept repeating – I’m only one person. Would 2 companies run by presumably smart ppl just do what we said? Of course not. Read what I wrote to Kimage again – those are the exact words. I did not lie, I did not make stuff up. I merely brought to their attention what she wrote.

    to everyone else:
    If Kimage or Voxy decided after reading her posts, that she was still a suitable ambassador then that would have been it. But the fact is, they didn’t think so. And the question is: why is that?


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