Regular programming will return soon

October 25, 2005 3:09 PM

I promise it. Too much time has been wasted talking about a person who, although smart (she’s the one who keeps on bragging about her PSLE one ah!), cannot see why the things she say are hurtful, disrespectful and illogical.

I do take heart in the fact that most of her defenders chose to mount personal attacks on Peter and Kimberly instead of backing up their idol’s poor choice of words.

Yeah I know that “the best defence is a good offense”. But hey, that only applies to sports ok? For civil discourses, it just means you have no idea how to defend your beliefs. YOU LOSE LOSERS.

In the meantime, all us sane ppl – let’s each send one email to each of her remaining sponsors saying in clear, simple *and* respectful language why we cannot support what Wendy Cheng says, and by extension their products if they continue to sponsor her.

Local Brand – Fill in the form here.
Kimage Hair – Email them at

Seacrest out!

2 thoughts on “Regular programming will return soon

  1. Kenny Sia

    Gee I don’t know Marcus. I’ve said what I wanted to say already.

    I may not agree 100% with Wendy’s logic but I just don’t understand why everyone is so hellbent on ‘trying to teach her a lesson’ or ‘changing her opinion’. Believe me, its next to impossible to do that.

    Illogical and unethical as they may be, accept the fact that Wendy Cheng simply has a different opinion. It’s not like the world would become a better place if you succeed in pulling down all her sponsors, right?

    No offence I hope.

    Btw, Nestle uses forced child labour. Better stop drinking Milo and Nescafe.

  2. mooiness

    Good point Kenny. The world would not become a better place. It’s thoroughly unjust.

    Having said that … the only reason why it has escalated to this point is because she shows no contrition and no clue as to how offensive her words were. If she can see the error of her ways only when her sponsors pull out, then so be it. She played with controversy and now she’ll get burnt by it.

    And why do we insist on teaching her a “lesson”? That’s because impressionable young ppl read her blog and think that’s it ok to share her attitudes to Malay ppl and the disabled. That’s why. You just have to read their disgusting attacks on Peter and Kimberly to know it.

    As I keep saying all along, I don’t hate her. I just hate her words and those who can should stop her spreading words of hate.

    Btw, someone used the comment you posted here to say something bad about you on Wendy’s blog. Know that it wasn’t me. I think I’m banned from commenting anyway. 😉


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