YC can teach XX a thing or two

October 31, 2005 3:02 PM

YC had a bad experience recently while waiting in line to be served at a food place. It involved a Malay person but as she rightly commented in a reply to an anon-commenter (what the f**k is it with all this anon f**ckers, want to be racist but too chicken-sh*t to even leave a nick name?!): there are bad seeds in all races.

I agree – race has nothing to do with it. I can see idiots without seeing their race. Idiots will be idiots, biatches will be biatches.

*suck-up mode on*

Even if XX can be as gracious and eloquent as YC, she’s still not as good looking. That pose in the toilet really make her look stumpy.

*suck-up mode off*

2 thoughts on “YC can teach XX a thing or two

  1. mooiness

    Hehe yeah yeah complain some more lah, no more sucking-up for you, no more! 😛

    But then cannot lah, I’m just a sucker for it. Heh.

    And about class – no matter how much makeup she puts on, or how many preudo-celebs or whatever she surrounds herself with, toilet girl will forever be WC. 😛


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