Hari Raya and The Malay Male Family

November 5, 2005 2:24 PM

Fantastic and hilarious insight into a typical Malay family’s Hari Raya preparations and celebrations.

I hate Hari Raya. It’s nothing religious or intentionally rebellious or whatever.

For one, I just fucking hate all the kids who will be coming to my house in Kuantan, Pahang to extort money from my ass-poor parents.

They come in, waste 20 minutes of my precious time, take a nibble at the cookies my mother slaved over during the last nights of Ramadan and they expect to get paid?


Selamat Hari Raya to all (except you fucking little bloodsuckers)

The Malay Male: Hari Raya and The Malay Male Family

4 thoughts on “Hari Raya and The Malay Male Family

  1. Kynne

    Hahahaha! Good one Encik Mooi. So kelakar. That’s how I feel sometimes when the paternal army batalion kiddies come to my house. And when they say bye-bye, Cik Kynne bankrupt, pokai. *sniff*

  2. mooiness

    Hehehe….good story right? I love it too. And you know what, it’s the same with CNY – ppl you hardly know or care about suddenly descend upon the house with the little leeches (ok ok I was one too!) sticking their hands out. Hahah.

    The worse are those families who’s got like 3-4 brats. 😛


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