Reucas & Snoop

November 5, 2005 1:33 PM

It’s another lazy Saturday afternoon. Am listening to trance (Digitally Imported rocks!) whilst blogging this – that’s two of my addictions right there for you. Anyways, so my cousin Reucas decides to cook up some pasta for lunch.

The sauce is simple: mashed canned tomatoes with basil, garlic, Dori fish fillets, chicken stock and water. Plus pepper and salt to taste. The pasta is Barilla.


Reucas does the taste test and gives it a thumbs up! Of course lah, he cook one what. Kidding, it’s molto squisito!

Reucas has gotten used to living with a blogger who’s always taking pics. My dog Snoop on the other hand …


Get that f**king camera out of my face! RAWR!

You still here!?

Fine … take your lousy pictures. Whatever bee-yotch!

11 thoughts on “Reucas & Snoop

  1. sourrain

    Stupid bacon makes do with canned ravioli on toast and calls that food.Apparently the best bachelor food.

    Does that even qualify as food??

    That aside…reucas is yummy..:)~Oh, so is the pasta

  2. mooiness

    Canned ravioli on toast – that’s an interesting variation of baked beans on toast. Whaahahah. Yes that does qualify as food when one’s lazy and uninspired to cook. 😉

    Wah lau you seriously have the joneses for me cousin and his band mate. Just to light up your fire even more – they’re both single! Hahahahah.

  3. sourrain

    Oooo baybeh now you’ve really got me going…But since you said that the ang moh is the sort that knows he’s hot..I think Reucas will fit my bill perfectly.

    And you taking a picture of his behind just got me started all over again..


    Damn shy.

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