It’s only Monday! ARGH……

November 7, 2005 10:40 PM

I had some leftover pasta. I had a beer. I watched “Grey’s Anatomy” – great ep tonight! I got mildly drunk. I proceeded to smoke a coffee-flavoured mini-cigar out of a pack given to me as a gift. I got mildly high.

I then proceeded to listen to trance music fairly loudly on my PC. I got mildly restless. My feet began to tap. My head began to nod up and down, shaking from left to right. Feng-tau baby!

I looked down at myself and I realised that I’m in my most daggy clothes – super loose ultra-XXX (not porn ok! although that’d be cool too) T-shirt, track pants, socks that go up said track pants making my legs sorta air-tight, and I mildly wept. Gawrsh …. it’s only freaking Monday!

So I then decided to blog this as my catharsis. All the while still listening to trance, feng-tau-ing and feet tapping. I chanted, “Friday … Friday … Friday …”

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