Can we be friends?

November 9, 2005 12:02 PM

No abso-f**king-lutely not.

Heh. What am I talking about? I’m talking about girls who insist that you remain friends with them after they’ve broken up with you. No. NEVER. Why? Here’s two things that scream out at me:

  1. We were more than friends before and there’s no way we can go back to being “just” friends.
  2. You broke up with me and now you feel all guilty about it so to try to fix it, you “allow” me to be your friend. Thanks but no thanks. I have plenty of friends.

Then you might get this golden nugget that they try to reverse-psycho you with:

Being friends, it would show me that you are moving on and I can be happy for you.

F**k off. I AM moving on by wanting nothing to do with you. Hello!?

8 thoughts on “Can we be friends?

  1. girlstar7

    I agree, it is very hard to stay friends with an ex. generally when exes try to stay friends they end up getting back together, or at least sleeping together. or one of them starts seeing someone else and the other gets jealous. very complicated. that being said, although I wouldn’t say I am good friends with exes, I am acquaintances and still on very good terms with a couple of them. we e-mail each other and make the odd phone call. very occasionally we catch up just for coffee or something. it’s worked out ok, and it’s still that we are still on good terms, and that they are still part of my life in a way…

  2. dio

    I don’t keep in touch with ex-es, but for a different reason: it’s easier to preserve great memories of that person when you don’t have to deal with the disappointment he is now 😉

  3. mooiness

    girlstar7: all the scenarios tht you mentioned do happen. More proof that it ain’t a good idea. Though it’s good to have cordial relationships with exes, I myself cannot do it. I’m specifically talking about the instances when an ex forces the “friendship” thing on you.

    ally: no lah! 😛 Hahahah….but I am speaking from experiences tho. And in Louyau-Mike’s case, the girl pushed the friendship thing on him even when she knows he ain’t really over her yet. When he would rather to not see her and have her shove her new relationship onto him. All just so that she can have this merry little facade that she’s a “nice” person.

    dio: hahahahah…..omg sooooo true! 🙂 Yes remember the happy times and move on. A breakup is breakup – why bother to sugarcoat it with this “let’s remain friends” thing? If anything, let it slowly settle back into a friendship thing if at all possible instead of forcing it onto someone.

  4. Lynne

    Can lah, I am still very good friends with my ex. It all depends on how the relationship was and how it ended I suppose. Anyway, he keeps teasing me about how I “dumped” him … but all in good fun. 🙂

  5. mooiness

    lynne: yeahlah it all depends on the girl and the circumstances. I’m talking about those times when you really do not want to remain friends but the girl insists etc. 😉

    kynne: you bukan saya punya ex, of course boleh! Hahaahahah. 🙂

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