Events leading up to the Australian anti-terrorist raids

November 9, 2005 2:43 PM

A fascinating timeline of events leading up to the recent anti-terrorist raids. It pictures an increasingly frantic and frustrated police who at the time before the law changes, did not possess the legal requirements to make arrests.

“With the increase in ‘chatter’ the police decided they could wait no longer, but they also knew they would be on shaky legal ground to swoop because they could not identify the group’s intended target for attack — a requirement under the anti-terror laws.

The next day, John Howard went public, warning of new intelligence suggesting a potential terror attack and calling for an emergency law to make it easier to make arrests.”

The Australian: Blizzard of chatter set alarms ringing [November 09, 2005]

2 thoughts on “Events leading up to the Australian anti-terrorist raids

  1. mooiness

    I am optimistic that Australia would not become like Paris. We don’t have large urbanized ghettos like Paris – even though we have ethnic enclaves, I believe that jobs, housing and the welfare system had been fair and appropriate. No one is left out so to speak. In other words, we don’t have the root causes of what caused the problems in Paris to fester over generations.


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