Singaporean blogosphere belies size of nation

November 12, 2005 3:04 PM

Ok if you are a regular user of Technorati you would have noticed the search term “Dawn Yang” creeping up the “Top Searches This Hour” list. Well it has hit number 1. Who is she and what’s the big deal you may very well ask.

To sum up the reason over the immense interest in the story: some ppl have stumbled upon her blog before and commented that she’s pretty though a bit “artificial” looking. You can judge for yourself:

Then there was news that she got picked up by a Singaporean talent agency to be moulded into a singer/actress. And then stories of her plastic surgeries surfaced which kinda confirm what ppl had been thinking anyway. But the real furore was over her denials and her outspoken-ness against plastic surgery in general.

Anyways, who would have thought that so much activity on the blogosphere can be generated by an up-till-now obscure person in Singapore let alone outside of it?

Here’s a list of links if you are interested or got lotsa spare time.

  1. Dawn Yang’s blog.
  2. The first investigative blog post by Agagooga.
  3. A round-up of blog posts on – Singapore’s meta-blog portal.
  4. The story got mentioned on Clicked @ MSNBC.
  5. A chronological series of pictures showing her changes here along with 168 comments thus far.
  6. An expat who used to lived in Singapore and his point of view.

There’s probably a lot more than that, but you can use Technorati to find the rest. 😉

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