Jeff Ooi says, “If Dawn Yang ain’t hot, who is?”

November 13, 2005 2:14 PM

Even Jeff Ooi – Malaysian political and corporate governance blogger extraordinaire, is blogging about it.

Probably, she will go down in blog history as the first blogger in the world to score an artiste management contract.

If this ain’t hot, what is?

Screenshots…: If Dawn Yang ain’t hot, who is?

4 thoughts on “Jeff Ooi says, “If Dawn Yang ain’t hot, who is?”

  1. mooiness

    ally: yeah. ah but then after seeing all this bru-haha over Dawn, XX may be glad that she ain’t Dawn. 😉

    But it just goes to show, hypocrisy and contradictory words get shot down pretty fast when you live your life in the public’s eye.

  2. louyau-mike

    I can see XX flaming with jealousy. But i might be at the same time, pity DY … for the truth of this whole business, is a cruel manufacturing production from the hell of fame.

    She might face obstables … she might even face the cruelty of understatements from public. (which she might already have). I do hope she really proves something that’s worthy of herself.

    At the end of the day, the brain is what we like.

  3. mooiness

    louyau-mike: yup that’s for sure. the only thing that can save her now is if she shows some talent in something. still, i’d like to see her just admit to the surgeries and move on. No one really cares if she had it or not but just how she carries herself. In the long run, it’ll be kinda forgotten anyway.


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