Aussie boys made good

November 14, 2005 8:34 AM

Leigh Whanell, Shawnee Smith, James Wan @Sundance 2004
(Randall Michelson,

The team behind the original Saw and the quickly released sequel Saw 2, Leigh Whanell and James Wan have definitely come good. The first Saw was made based on a novel idea captured on film – Whanell and Wan shot their “pitch” to producers in a warehouse on a digicam and then spend what little money that they had going over to LA and doing the pitching rounds. And the rest was fame and fortune.

On their share of profits from two hits in a year, [manager and fellow executive producer on Saw 2, Stacey] Testro was cagey: “All we’ve ever wanted is a tax problem and, yes, we’ve got one.”

Good on them. 🙂

Sequel a new hit for Australian team – Film – Entertainment –

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