Twitching eyelid

November 14, 2005 11:36 AM

My right lower eyelid has been twitching like mad since I woke up this morning. And I realise that this has been happening in the past without me doing any research about it. Until now.

According to The University of Michigan, Kellogg Eye Center:

“Ocular myokymia is the involuntary twitching of the eyelid and it is often caused by stress, lack of sleep or too much caffeine. This occasional twitching typically disappears and does not become a problem unless it persists or extends to other parts of the face.”

I don’t have stress but I definitely don’t get as much sleep as I should, and I am a fan of coffee and tea – 1 in the morning, 2 or 3 at work, and 1 more when I get home after work. Maybe I’m not getting enough sleep because of my caffeine intake. Gees, you think?! 😉

Then there’s a Chinese superstition that believe that twitching in the right eyelids means that something good is going to happen to you. Ok then. (FYI: if it’s on the left, it’s no good)

On my trawling, I also found a very informative blog post by a fellow eyelid-twitching sufferer. Damn I love the Internet.

15 thoughts on “Twitching eyelid

  1. mooiness

    I’ve heard that but I couldn’t find any links that mention it. Suddenly getting into a sneezing fit can also be a superstitious sign that someone is thinking of you. As for being gossiped about – don’t the ears get itchy? 🙂

  2. ryu_10_3

    yeah I’ve heard of the chinese supersition about the right eyelid twitching meaning a large windfall is due to you. you know there’s a $15M powerball this thursday. 🙂 If you win may I have a couple thousand?

  3. Kynne

    Eh, as for kita pulak, if eyelash/es drop, then someone is thinking if you. If eye twitch then someone is talking about you, not sure if gossip or not. Macam-macam orang lama ni.

  4. Edgar

    I always had twitching eyelids when it comes close to the exam period, but they usually disappears after the tests are over. I think its mostly related to stress and (excess) caffeine and nothing really to worry about. 😉

    Interesting comment about the good luck omen thing. Next time I’ll pay attention to whether its the left or right eye that’s twitching! lol

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