I asked for it

November 16, 2005 8:10 AM

So recently a long-time friend living in Sydney asked me casually over MSN, “How are you?”

I said, “Go read my blog.”

To which he answered:

read? READ!? i have it as my web enabled desktop, your flicker pictures as rotating wallpaper on my mobile phone and your blog prose read to me by a text to speech program (still cant decide between the male disembodied voice or the female disembodied voice, they both sound like you) as i fall asleep!!

I think I can bottle that sarcasm and sell it.

8 thoughts on “I asked for it

  1. mooiness

    which is why I don’t slam friends or family here. 😛 besides for “real life” problems, I deal with them in real life, and not via my blog.

    And I spend so much time here, a cursory glance would tell you right away what I “have been up to” which is why I always use that “read my blog” excuse. Heh. It’s like, “Go read my executive summary first, ie. my blog, and then we will have an in-depth discussion.” 😛


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