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November 17, 2005 4:43 PM

You know how when you get cravings and you just have to satisfy them immediately? Chocolate, ice-cream, cakes, donuts (mmm, donuts), junk food (mmm, double-cheeseburger with bacon). We’ve all had it and if there are ladies out there on diets right now, sorry to have made you salivate.

Speaking of diets – quit it! They don’t work because when you deprive yourself, you only build up the cravings even more. Eat sensibly and in moderation. And exercise more. And remember you need fat for your skin to glow. And and and, whatever you may think – guys really like to hold on to your lovely lady-lumps (man I love that song right now) so don’t be going anorexic on us.

Anyway I digress. Where was I … ?

Oh yes. Food. Cravings. Instant gratifications. Do I have a point yet? Yes and the award for blog segway of the day goes to … moir. *segway*

I think I’m beginning to crave for blog entries like I do with food. Not only am I a blog addict, but I expect other ppl to be like me too when it comes to posting entries. Twice DAILY! Sometimes THRICE DAILY!

It’s like GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME! Come on, we haven’t got all day! Post something up quickly bee-yotch! I neeeeed it. Give me a fix! That’s it right there. Oooh yeah.

The tools that I use in my insanity are:

  1. First and foremost, Bloglines! And make sure you download the desktop notifier too. That way when a new entry gets posted, there’d be a lovely *bing* to tell you. It’s like a drug, I get high when I hear it.
  2. Blog search tools: Technorati is the best. I used to like IceRocket but they seem to be a bit slow in indexing Blogspot blogs – something about us having lotsa splogs (ie. spam blogs). Whatever. So I use Technorati almost exclusively now.
  3. For some reason, some blogs have feeds that don’t work well with Bloglines. So the alternative is to use Kinja. The downside with Kinja is that there’s no notifier (no *bing*!) and if you subscribe to a lot of blogs, it can get unwieldy.

    So to you blog owners out there, make sure your feeds work correctly. Test it out with Bloglines because that’s what the majority of us use. If you don’t know it already, feeds = RSS. Same diff. Feeds are what make the thing go *bing*. Heh.

If I can help you satisfy my cravings better, please email me here:

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