Women as sexual predators

November 18, 2005 2:35 PM

Too often we think of paedophiles as sleazy men. But women can be sexual predators too. It only just hit me that there has been a few cases here and in the USA recently.

  1. 41 year old Silvia Johnson of Colorado was sentenced to 30 years in jail for throwing drug and alcohol-fueled parties for teenage boys who were her daughter’s friends, and for having sex with 5 of them over a period of one year. The boys were 15.

    CNN.com – ‘Cool mom’ gets 30 years for sex parties – Nov 15, 2005

  2. 37 year old Lisa Lynnette Clark of Georgia was charged with child molestation for having sexual relations with a minor under the age of consent (15). The affair had been going on for 2 years which means the boy was 13 when it started. Clark married the boy last week and was reportedly pregnant with the boy’s child. The marriage is to be anulled even though it was technically legal due to her being pregnant and a special exception made.

    Wed to 15-year-old – World – smh.com.au

  3. Victorian Institute of Teaching are holding a disciplinary hearing into the suitability of physical education teacher Belinda Campbell to continue teaching. She had been caught last year kissing a then 18-yr old student and was rumoured to have behave flirtatiously over numerous occasions.

    Teacher sent 200 texts, panel told – Victoria – Breaking News 24/7 – NEWS.com.au

  4. Karen Ellis of Melbourne was sent to prison in May after pleading guilty to six charges of sexual penetration with a child under 16 after having a six-and-a-half week affair with a year 10 student (15) in 2003.

    The Australian: Teacher jailed for student affair freed [November 04, 2005]

Then there was the high-profile case of Mary Kay Letourneau. She was the teacher who was convicted of child molestation, reoffended while released on parole, and is now married to the former student who was her victim.

I have a view that teenage boys pose easy targets for female child predators because the boys could not help themselves and often do not think it’s wrong. In fact, they might even brag about having been with an older woman.

Sex in the hands of a woman is very powerful when wielded against a man. More so in the case of children who are in no capacity to make the correct decision.

10 thoughts on “Women as sexual predators

  1. girlstar7

    it’s funny how people have completely different views of older men having sex with young girls vs. older women having sex with young boys. the older men are seen as sleazy and creepy and the young girls are seen as poor innocent victims whose innocence was taken away. on the other hand, people don’t seem to take older women seducing young boys very seriously at all. the young boys are likelyto be seen as legends or heroes, and people rarely think of these older women as dodgy or creepy…

  2. mooiness

    exactly my point. They don’t get as stigmatised as male offenders even though the law treats them the same. I think it all comes down to the age old perception that when it comes to sex, a man can’t lose out from having sex with a woman. No matter how inappropriate it is.

  3. ~*Starryluvly*~

    I know what you mean. My own father believes that a girl loses out if she has sex with a man. I tried badgering him and asking him what he meant by it, and what exactly women lose that man don’t – and he couldn’t say a thing.

    I guess its the old playboy vs slut dichotomy.

  4. BadSeed

    One thing that needs to be considered is that at the ages we are talking about here, young men are VERY uncomplicated. They are driven by hormones, are very easy to please, and are not an intellectual match for these older women. This would be very attractive to women tired of “dealing” with older men on a normal basis. It is a chance for them to be the dominate partner in a relationship that ultimately both parties have gained from(the woman via the dominance, and the young man via the confidence boost of a sexual conquest).

  5. mooiness

    damion: more meditation for those who would offend? hmmm anything to calm their urges I guess.

    kenny: perhaps as what badseed says, it’s a power trip?

    as for the animals, that’s definitely waaaaaay more demented.

    badseed: the same could be said for rapists (men on women), it’s more a dominance thing rather than sexual.

  6. Vandice

    Do you think its a result of liberalization and the rise of feminism that we are seeing a rise in this phenomenon? Then again, the world is hyped up abt sex. That’s all TV’s selling anyways nowadays…

  7. mooiness

    vandice: hmm, good theory. I think it’s less to do with feminism and more with the liberalisation. Sex is trivialised to the point that the female offenders and boys do not see it as harmful.


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