November 22, 2005 3:53 PM

On the right, Ci’en of wurh.com

Ci’en said:

“I Love My Office”

(in a conversation about local schools)
M: Did you hear that [my alma mater] had an anti-gay talk for the girls?
Me: What the fuck! You’re kidding.
M: No, they actually got a “converted” lesbian to come in and talk to them.
H: (hands in the air) “I’VE SEEN THE COCK! AND IT IS GOOD!”

Had been lurking on wurh.com for a while now ever since Mr. Miyagi and Joel Tan (Rambotan, formerly Bigf**k @ BlogSpot) gave her their votes of approval for being a chiobu blogger. This chiobu also has wit, intelligence and great photography skills.

There’s no accounting for taste.

Not that she neccesarily wants to be idolised, but why is it that in the Singaporean blogosphere that XX or even Dawn Yang get so much more attention than someone like Ci’en? Why? It’s a damn shame I tell ya. Give me the complete package any day.

2 thoughts on “wurh.com

  1. Christina

    Looks, it’s all about looks! Forget the content, as long as you look skanky, you won’t be very popular. The same schoolyard approach towards people happens online too. Now I’m not saying that Ci’en is ugly, she’s quite pretty. She just doesn’t act like a skank. Which in my opinion is good. It’s just sad that non-skanky good writers don’t get as much attention as the skanky crappy writers do.


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