Daphne Teo who!?

November 23, 2005 1:53 PM

So let me see if I got the sequence of events correct:

  1. She closes down one Blogspot blog and moves to another:

    pinkshoefetish –> bleedingbutterfly

  2. Then supposedly she attracted enough haters for her to spawn another Blogspot blog to respond to her haters:


    Henceforth known as the “anti-hater” blog.

  3. All of a sudden, she boldly declares on her anti-hater blog that she will stop blogging (she didn’t). The story then got recommended to Tomorrow.sg by a “salome” [EDITED from “anonymous”] – speculations point to Daphne herself.
  4. Meanwhile intrepid Internet surfers found her Xanga blog through her bf’s blog (xanga.com/erikhagen):


    which links back to her anti-hater blog, thus confirming the ownership of all blogs. Previously, I had thought that the anti-hater rants are too crude to be hers, and that all of this commotion was being stirred up by person(s) other than herself.

  5. Another intrepid surfer found an old magazine write-up about her.
  6. BOOM! Interest in the “story” exploded and her name slowly creeps up the Technorati search list, ala “Dawn Yang” which btw is still on the top 10.
  7. POW! She removes her “bleedingbutterfly” blog (pay attention kids! note the spelling differences).
  8. ZING! She wrote a lengthy rant on her anti-hater blog, against her latest bunch of haters who had chanced upon her blog(s) via Tomorrow.sg .
  9. SHAZAM! Number 1 on Technorati Search baby!

Erm really, what the hell. What is the point of all this? And yes you smarty pants, I just realised that I have contributed to the machinations of a deluded female by talking about her even more.

Yeah well I was amused by it. Weren’t you? 🙂

Btw, this is her.

UPDATE 24th Nov 2005 5:04PM
She has removed all of the entries on her anti-hater blog (bleedingblackbutterflies) except for one that seems to be mocking anyone that stumbles upon it. 😉

19 thoughts on “Daphne Teo who!?

  1. Kelvin

    Kia Ora (Hello) from a blogger across the ditch in New Zealand. I have been blogging only for 6 months so have never heard of her or come across her blogs. may be i am looking in the wrong place !!!

  2. mooiness

    kelvin: storm in a teacup mate. 🙂

    The Singaporean blogosphere really does generate a disproportionate amount of activity on Technorati, which makes it such an inherently interesting study.

    Don’t worry about not knowing her – most ppl outside of Singapore don’t. 😉

  3. Anonymous

    erm it was pinkshoefetish -> bleedingblackbutterflies

    then one day she screamed at the world and pretend to commit blogger suicide

    she then advertise her new blog bleedingbuttefly to tell everyone NOT to go there (ironic)

    then she starts blogging in bleedingblackbutterflies because she cannot tahan the lack of attention.. will she ressurect herself? of course… she even told people to search for her on technorati.. sounds like she planned the whole tomorrow.sg then bleedingbutterfly then technorati then insert my act chio picture thing. RJCians please identify this attention whore and take her away.

  4. mooiness

    anonymous: duly noted – or both could have been set up at the same time? On the “bleedingblackbutterflies” one, she refers to a post on “bleedingbutterfly” which was posted earlier. The chronology is quite confusing nonetheless.

    Erm in any case, I’m an interested bystander merely gawking. 🙂

    kynne: ex is kiwi, betul kah? 🙂

    Anyways yes – dia punya otak mestilah tak betul. Who puts in so much effort to create all this attention anyway? Sure your name is known for a while but after that, then what … ? In the end, your image is completely ruined and so is your credibility.

  5. mooiness

    kynne: wahhah is that an invite? I’m actually gonna be in Sg for a few days around Xmas. We can exchange details closer to when I’m flying there.

    If I got time after the obligatory visits with old friends and relatives, I shall call you. Then you mesti belanja ah! AHahhha.

  6. mooiness

    kynne: i actually am a noob in Singapore. Last time I went was when I was a kid so I know nothing about the places. Am totally replying on the ppl that I know there. Therefore, kalau sedap apa mana pun boleh lah!

  7. Kynne

    Takper, if there is a chance, I’ll bring you around, tapi… must naik MRT and/or walk and/or take cab and/or take bus ok? Sebab.. I’ve yet to get my license. Hehehehe…. Lepas tu, kita boleh makan-makan dan snap snap.

  8. Anonymous

    you know some rich ppl , they have had everything and buy themsleves into the best schools (note. i said some)
    and they compete in looks to grads to everything, they were brought up in ways they have nothing that they wanan lose out to, so therfore these 2 girls dephne and dawn and school mates surely need to have further competitions…
    and rich ppl (some) e.g paris hilton, hsu chun mei…etc…all have everything they want , even drugs cant give them excitement so they wan wat they always wanted….fame. (then this is one thing tehy didnt realli get enuff of since young)

    sorry if error, lazy to proofread

    entertainment news analyser

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