Who’s gonna clean up this mess?

November 23, 2005 11:42 AM

From the link below:

“Ambulance crews would take away a body and leave behind a disturbing pile of latex gloves, syringes and blood-soaked gauze. The detectives who often followed would ring the scene with yellow police tape and spray fingerprint dust around every light switch and door knob.

‘I’ve seen the medical examiner leave behind pieces of brain,’ he said. ‘Grieving families shouldn’t have to deal with that.'”

To everyone who’s a fan of all the CSI shows, you’d know that things as potrayed on the show follows this sequence:

  1. Body is discovered.
  2. Police arrives and cordons off the area with the yellow crime-scene tape.
  3. The detectives arrive, followed by the CSI team.
  4. Body is examined by the coroner, declared dead and then carted off.
  5. CSI crew takes photos, dusts for prints, collects all manner of evidence, biological or otherwise, and then leaves.

But but but, who cleans up the unholy mess? Not the police that’s for sure. Not the ambulance crew either. That gruesome task is usually left up to the victims’ families, friends or that unlucky landlord.

Thus it is not surprising that there’s a business opportunity for professional “cleaners”, like the one talked about in this article. To their credit, CSI (the original) did include a professional cleaning company in one of its storylines ONCE. 😉

Cleaning Needed, in the Worst Way – New York Times
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