Michelle Leslie needs a job

November 24, 2005 3:02 PM

From the link below:

Australia’s second most famous Balinese inmate, Michelle Leslie (note that she’s never graduated to “Our” Michelle), has returned to Australia and is holed up in a rented house on the Northern Beaches with her boyfriend. Her modelling career may well be over, and her association with global products such as Islam and ecstacy haven’t exactly worked out well either. To add insult to incarceration, her former agency doesn’t have her on its site anymore.

Heh, quite a funny write-up listing possible career options for Michelle Leslie now that her modelling agency has dumped her.

Radar:Michelle Leslie: a model employee

7 thoughts on “Michelle Leslie needs a job

  1. mooiness

    john: well there’s 2 things that stand out – first, if the government lets her do it; second, if she says something that upsets the Indonesian courts and is detrimental to the cases of the other Australians in Bali right now, she’d be in deeper shit than she is in now. 😉


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