The meetup that Kim organised

November 26, 2005 4:29 PM

Kim organised a very last minute meet-up seeing as how this is her second last week in Perth. I was there late due to traffic and so was Nadia who came from the beach. When I got there, another blogger had left and Honey left briefly after I arrived.

Was going through Kim’s blog and I find it a great read – it’s a pity that I only got to know her in person only now and she’s gonna go home soon. Funny thing is, I’ve seen her and her bf around the place clubbing. And turns out, her bf knows some ppl that I know. That’s Perth for you – small degrees of separation. 🙂

Here are the pics.

Kim in white tee, Honey in white collared-shirt, Nadia in Pink

Everyone turn out to be as chatty as their blogs would indicate. Basically no one was the opposite of their online personalities. All in all, a fun and casual get-together. 🙂

13 thoughts on “The meetup that Kim organised

  1. mooiness

    Hahahahah now that you’ve mentioned it!

    Well I might see you in the clubs before you leave. Otherwise have a good flight home and we’ll keep in touch via da blogs. How quiant.

    I might even see you in KL end of the year. Am there for hols. 🙂

  2. Kynne

    Woi Encik Mooi and Nadia, I don’t know if you two notice this but…

    2nd pic ah, your smiles are similar lah.

    Serious, tengok jangan sekali, tengok dua, tiga, empat kali pun boleh.

    Eh, what food and drink are those?

  3. mooiness

    yc: eh good idea. i’ll post up my travel dates closer to the day I leave. Hopefully can meet up. I’m definitely checking out the clubs in KL – it’s been 2 years since I was last back. I’ll be there for New Year’s.

    starry: who ask you never bring your own camera? 😛

    kimberly: eh on! wah damn so happening now. the other kim also wanna organise … woohoo!

    kim: when you see my travel dates here, you can organise. As I’ve said above, will be there for New Year’s. 🙂

    kynne: har? same smile? really? our mouths different shapes leh. that food – vege fried noodle (UGH!). the drink – some sort of bubble tea. You gotta ask Nadia for that one. 🙂

  4. YC

    mooi: CNY or normal NYE? According to Boo, we might be having a private yatch NYE party(if he’s not booked for a gig).If hard music is your cup of tea, I’ll send you the invitation with a Ramli as soon as it’s confirm. CNY I’ll be going back to Taiwan.

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