Fat is flavour

November 29, 2005 3:08 PM

Yes that’s right – fat is flavour. Think of your favourite junk and hawker foods, and then count the ones that are not fatty. Yup, none.

Fat is good but there is always too much of a good thing. I had half of a BBQ chicken just then. No side-dishes, no garnishes. Not even chips! Just chicken. Carnivore man!

But all that greasy chicken that tasted so good going down, now feels like a lump in the back of my throat giving me this gagging and queasy feeling. Plus I now got a headache too.

I still have the other half in the fridge for lunch tomorrow.

What brought this on? $7.50 for a whole BBQ chicken at the supermarket! I couldn’t resist.

23 thoughts on “Fat is flavour

  1. spinnee

    hahaa ironic isn’t it mooi (referring to the comment u left at my blog)? I ask u calm down, and u see my rage in there..hahaha

    Darn… why is BBQ chicken is so affordable in aussie?

    Not that I can’t find some in singapore… like blk 85 bedok hawker centre… cheap enough to match that…

    but i’m sure the chicken in aussie are BIGGER than the chickens here.. right???

    anyway since u have headache right? drink 100 plus (or any isotonic drink) and the same amount of water.. u’ll feel better..!

  2. mooiness


    Erm yes the chickens are bigger in Aust! But the ones back home are equally tasty. Especially the fried kampung chickens that you get from the hawker stalls. :9

    Eh btw, you know alot of these dietary tips eh? You research a lot ah? 🙂

  3. Kynne

    Wah, you had chicken? I also had chicken. Super crispy (not to mention extra oily than the usual KFC original recipe) chicken ribs at Arnold’s City Plaza Geylang. Washed down with Bandung… now I’m feeling it stuck somewhere in my stomach. Have to drink gallons of warm water to clean the system out.

    Spinee is right, drink lots of isotonic, the best being 100 plus.

    Or you can try starfruit juice to regulate the body’s cholesterol content.

  4. spinnee

    I believe that some illness can be cure naturally mah… better than eating asiprin right? no good for brain!

    anyway it’s my friends who forward these tips to me. I just have to remember what’s more important to me.. kekeke….

    ermm the flu bug is flying around.. you better get drunk with h20, or u’ll get throat infection. O_O….

  5. mooiness

    spinnee: yeeks….I do get plenty of H2O tho – at least one 1.5L bottle a day in the office. It’s rest and sleep that I don’t get enough of. 😛

    but throat infection … gah…not pleasant at all.

  6. Furipu

    TM, I’m on a detox diet and you’re telling me you’re stuffing yourself with chicken. All I get is wheat grass and psyllium husk. I’ll die for a puny chicken wing TIP! Man I hate you.

  7. furipu

    Its 3 days now and the ordeal will last till this sat. So bak kut teh for breakfast this sunday! Woohoo!

    As to the reason. I guess once in a while we get the urge to purge. So instead of procrastinating I dived straight in.


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