When ministers go bad

November 30, 2005 11:12 AM

This was said by the Deputy Internal Security Minister of Malaysia, Noh Omar yesterday regarding the police MMS scandal, and reported in the Malaysian Chinese press and in Singapore’s Strait Times:

“Foreigners could go back to their own countries and not to stay in Malaysia if they thought Malaysia police were brutal,” said Deputy Minister of Internal Security Ministry Noh Omar.

He also said, “If foreigners think that Malaysia police are brutal, please go back to their own countries and not to stay here. Meanwhile, our immigration department does not need to waste time in clamping down on foreigners.”

What the f*ck is this shite? This was said after the PM, the DPM and especially the Tourism Minister had said that Malaysia needs and wants more tourists to feel welcomed in Malaysia. And for obvious reasons too – China happens to be the single largest tourist market for Malaysia.

I am expecting this dumb f*ck to be smacked down a notch or two by the Malaysian PM. In fact I implore the PM to at least censure him from now on, if not fire him. The PM needs to get his house in order.

On one hand, the government is trying to put out a fire and on the other, some loose cannon is pouring more fuel into it. Insular xenophobic f*cktards don’t belong in the Malaysian Govt, or any government for that matter in this globalised society that we live in.

More at Jeff Ooi’s blog.

13 thoughts on “When ministers go bad

  1. sourrain

    Oh god help us.How much lower will we get??

    Not only he does not admit fault even after faced with such obvious proof,now that arsehole is chasing away all our tourism money,investors money,and the cheap help that we’ve enjoyed for so long (maids,construction worker ect)

    Who in their right mind would visit/invest/work in a country that sputs out insensitive comments as such?

    Internal security konon.I won’t even trust a potato to this imbecile.He’ll probably try to psycho himself that it’s a turnip or carrot

    This just shows how close minded,childish and uneducated some of our government has become.Some one please, save us from ourselves

  2. mooiness

    spinnee: exactly. The PM needs to crack his whip.

    sourrain: much as I am disheartened by this, I’ve not given up hope yet. Remember that this has been happening for a while but technology and especially the Internet via blogging has blown the issue wide open. With everyone in the world watching, these insular bastards would be made laughing stocks. Including the ones who has been known to shoot off their mouths but have kept quiet about this recent scandal.

    And the PM like it or not is forced to act – and he better act for his own political standing. Even ppl in UMNO sould be able to see that this is not good for the country or its economy. No economy, then NEP or no NEP it doesn’t make a diff – everyone gets a smaller slice of the pie.

  3. spinnee

    Come, migrate here… *wave to sourrain*

    Joking 🙂

    I sincerely hope things will get better there. I’ve malaysian blood in me (mum’s contribution). If only we have the land of theirs .. hmmmmm

    think i better put disclaimer !! ahhaha

  4. mooiness

    spinnee/forbiddenmyth: the only thing that those of us not living there but still care about the country, can do is to continue to shine a light on these issues.

    The more awareness the better.

    darkharf: whahaahaha. Most probably. 😉

  5. TsuLin

    The things coming out the MPs mouth!! And right about time when i have decided to go back to M’sia for work. It’s a wonder if there would still be foreign companies still wanting to “invest” in M’sia.

  6. Anonymous

    Hai-Yah!!!!!!!, you all so bad one-O !!! saying all these nasty things about Malaysian Police !!!

    The Malaysian police is very effecient and the best in the world, even better than MI5 or FBI.

    Check their website out:


    It says Nordin Top the most wanted man in the region has been captured and imprisoned in Malaysia. First time I saw this was in June this year.

    Nama : Noor Din bin Mohd. Top
    Umur : 33 tahun
    Kelulusan : B.Sc. UTM
    Pekerjaan : Bekas Penyelia Kanan Sekolah Islam Luqmanul Hakiem, Johor Bahru, Johor
    Keluarga : Berkahwin – 2 orang anak
    Status : Telah ditangkap.

    All this while the rest of the world is still looking for him !

    Malaysia Boleh.

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