Wishing mom happy birthday

December 1, 2005 8:29 AM

Our family does not place much importance on birthdays. There’s no urgency when a day arrives where everyone would scramble for gifts and birthday wishes. So it was that, that the whole of yesterday I did not call or message my mother happy birthday. I thought I’d do it when I go over for dinner.

I arrived at my folks’ place and they were watching TV. I greeted my dad, he nodded. I greeted my mom and said, “Happy birthday mom!” Without looking away from the TV, she pointed a finger back towards the kitchen, “Uhuh, uhuh … food in the kitchen.”

No dramas – heated up my food and sat down and watched TV together with them. Then the show was finally over and I told her that my cousin was so worried that I didn’t say “happy birthday” that she messaged me to remind me. I thought that was funny. Mom didn’t.

Mom: Yeah, and you still haven’t wished me happy birthday yet!
Me: I just did! That’s the first thing I said to you when I got here.
Mom: No you didn’t.
Me: Yes I did.
Mom: Wait, oh yeah you did. Then where’s my present?
Me: I’m your present. I’m the present that keeps on giving. Hahaahha!
Mom: Your brother bought me flowers you know?
Me: Really? Good on him!
Mom: *in Cantonese* ???! (mo kwai yong = useless!)
Me: I treat you nice everyday what.
Mom: You say the same thing on Mother’s Day.
Me: Well, it’s the truth.
Mom: Hrpmh!
Me: Everyday I’m your son, and everyday you are my mother. So everyday is Mother’s Day loh! Hahahhah!

Heh. I’m not that heartless lah! Am taking the family out for dinner this Sunday. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Wishing mom happy birthday

  1. sourrain

    She’s waiting for an heir lar…so,please remember, her next birthday (Mother’s day too early) – please produce her a fat chubby grandchild…preferably with a hot daughter in law that doesn’t club!!

  2. Kynne

    Hahahaha Marcus nakal. Eh you’re like that with your Mum, same as me to mine! Though her favourite reply isn’t the Malay version of “mo kwai yong”, it’s…

    “Girl, ibu pukul nak?”

    Terrible, lol.

    I agree with sourrain. Encik Mooi, produce an heir for your Mum!


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