A very important to-do list

December 2, 2005 12:10 AM

So after yesterday’s post, I decided to do up my accounts and password list. In the process I also did up a list of ppl to be emailed, and also a list of ppl to be called in the unfortunate event of my demise.

Contrary to what you may think, the process itself was actually quite comforting and calming. I guess because death can be such a random thing, it feels good to be able to put a sense of order into it. It all feels very bizarre and kinda hard to describe in words.

As I was looking through the numbers on my phone and the e-mail addresses that I have, I feel really blessed to have so many ppl that I want to be notified if I die.

In fact I got so many on my list that I decided to trim it and stick to one or two central ppl in each of my different social groups, and they can help spread the “news”.

I’d still have to draft up a post-mortem blog post. It would read a bit like this:

“if you are reading this, then it means that I’m ….”

I would give the list of passwords and accounts to my parents sometime in the near future. Chinese ppl usually do not like talking about death – very pantang (taboo). However, my parents have already given me their life insurance policy numbers so I guess they would appreciate my thoughts on this. 🙂

And on a related note, YC wrote about what kind of funeral she would want.

11 thoughts on “A very important to-do list

  1. hobart

    i belive and agree its good to prepare…but…what if you don’t have time to prepare? your online presence how then? i mean you can’t always be ready…not everyone at least.

    oh…and your mum’s birthday is one day before mine…mine’s on 1st dec…what a conincidence

  2. YC

    Hmm. I don’t find it pantang to talk about death. I think it’s good to have preparation on hand. Loads of people around me has passed on for the last few years (mostly people below the age of 28). Kinda made me prepare for the worst to come. I wouldn’t want my folks rummaging through all the skeletons hidden in the closet afer I’ve passed. Not a decent sight haha.

    Writing a will is not a taboo in my family because my folks renew the will every now and then. Especially before they travel overseas(which is quite often).

    If anything do happen to the flight I’m on tmr, Marcus, I would love to give you the sole ownership of my blog. In order to obtain the password? Just ask YK.

  3. mooiness

    hobart: exactly, it’s all random so you can never be too prepared. if you never left any instructions, then you have to leave it to the better judgement of your family. Also they may have to jump through a few more hurdles than neccesary to obtain access to your online accounts. so, it’s never too early to prepare.

    yc: your parents and their will – very very proactive.

    Damn you honour me with your suggestion of me being your blog custodian. That said, have a very good flight and enjoy the hol in Melb. 🙂

    kimberly: wahahha, hey …. not a bad idea if you must have your ashes stored. Those boxes cost less than those hole-in-the-wall deals. you’d have plenty of company too – ppl are always coming and going in those bank vaults. 😉

  4. spinnee

    Dying is the ultimate end.

    The dead has free itself from the suffering.

    It’s the living that feels the pain of the loss..

    Maybe I should also write my PW down and ask my close one to post up my funeral pictures when I’m dead. wahahah

  5. sourrain

    Yes, I do need to make a will..

    The bizzare thing is when I speak to my parents re: organ donation and funeral, they just ask me to shut up and speak to my husband about it first before becomming an organ donor.


  6. mooiness

    sourrain: yeah why must talk to your husband? It is *your* body afterall. I would donate everything. Can’t take it where I’m going anyway, might as well have it save someone like YC said.

  7. mooiness

    furipu: ahahhah err yeah. about organising a small gathering – that was the expectation. 😛 But seriously I do appreciate it. 🙂

    but don’t spend too much time on it – I know how hard it is to coordinate with everyone’s calendars.

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