The little guy should be in charge sometimes

December 4, 2005 4:11 AM

An acceptable specimen of the opposite sex presented herself to me tonight and I turned her down. The body was willing (very very willing) after some dirty dancing and close contact but the mind wasn’t. I didn’t feel anything for her at all.

And though my ego was adequately stroked by her making the moves on me, there wasn’t physical attraction on my part. Thus I didn’t take up the “offer”. Damn it. Sometimes I should really not think so much. Sometimes I should really just let the little guy take charge.

24 thoughts on “The little guy should be in charge sometimes

  1. girlstar7

    I’ve got a male friend like you. he will only sleep with a girl if she is a serious girlfriend, he doesn’t have flings or casual sex. I’m like what is wrong with you?!?! I respect him though, I’d rather a guy like that, than one who’ll just go around rooting anything.
    you must have pretty good self control, mooi!!

  2. spinnee

    U’ve made the I guess u’ve to stop regretting it… ahhaa

    let’s say, u’ve passed the stage where you could just hop to the bed without feelings i.e. u need to feel for her (and that’s ultimate bang!!)

    kudos to the rejection. 😉

  3. Purpletiara

    Hey aren’t you the guy who said he’d one day like a girl to do the chasing??? har har har? See, this is what happens!

    Oh oh oh and Mooi, i got my first haters on my msn space! Aren’t you proud?

  4. mooiness

    cw: I know the ep that you are talking about but the more appropriate ep is the one where Seinfeld’s brain was having a chess match with this penis. 😛 Erm after all the excitement, I was definitely not the “master of my domain” that night. Hahahha!

    spinnee: hehehe…I guess I will have to. If I should feel good about my rejecting her, then why do I feel so unfulfilled? Boohoo. Hahha!

    darkharf: shit…you have a point. I’d be a raging maniac. 😛

    purpletiara/Miss L: yes I’m all for the girl chasing me, but why can’t I also get one that I happen to like also? 😛

    And yes I saw your haters! Woohoo! Welcome to the big league. 🙂

  5. louyau-mike

    Dammit! Mooiness!WTF are you thinking! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Am you were saying you cannot tahan those seductive signifier in my blog! (well … guess she didnt “pre-moan” … that’s why)

  6. emiryo

    Next time a girl hit on you, don’t panic…
    held up your handphone in the air and flash those lights…
    Captain Emiryo will come to the rescue…

    I will point my finger and shout in your face,
    “WTF you doing soldier?!!
    Where’s your sense of duty man?!!
    Arm you with a big gun’s for you to charge, not fucking run away you weak piece of shit!!!
    No physical attraction? you do it!
    She weights 360 pounds? you’ll do it!!
    She have a face like my grandfather? you’ll still do it!!!
    Stand and fight like a man! You fucking understand?!!”

  7. mooiness

    ally: err yeah. that would be the common reaction of most ppl. 😉

    louyau: ahahahha. yes she didn’t “pre-moan”. ok ok I’m already kicking myself about it.

    emiryo: YES SIR! RIGHT AWAY SIR! Or as Nike would say, “Just do it”! *smack myself*

  8. girlstar7

    yes, there is no doubt that you really need to get laid! however, don’t complain about not getting any sex if you are going to turn down a hot girl that practically throws herself at you!! don’t worry, I’m just as sexually frustrated and I am also fussy and won’t just be with any guy. so I know exactly how you feel!

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