Am loving Madonna’s new album

December 5, 2005 11:16 AM

Am loving Madonna’s latest album – “Confessions on a Dance Floor” which I bought over the weekend. The first single, “Hung Up” as you would have heard is a killer and I heard it played in a club LOUD on Saturday night and woo … what a head rush. 🙂

Gotta credit ABBA for coming up with that addictive hook though – I’m currently humming it in my head.

The other songs are more mid-tempo and chill out but still a good listen and worth a buy (as opposed to a “download” :P).

11 thoughts on “Am loving Madonna’s new album

  1. mooiness

    If you live in England for a while, you are bound to pick up the Brit accent.

    As for keeping fit, well it’s common knowledge that rich ppl have more time and the money to stay fit – first, they got more leisure time, and second, they can afford gym memberships and personal trainers etc. 😉

  2. girlstar7

    I must admit, I reckon nothing beats Madonna’s old skool 80s tunes! some of her new stuff is okay, but I still don’t reckon it compares to Like a Virgin, Vogue, Cherish etc.

  3. Christina

    I enjoy ‘Hung Up’, but I don’t enjoy her outfits lately. What is up with them?! As Ali G said during some MTV thing I think, she looks like a transvestite. Ditch the exercise-looking outfits, Madonna!


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