Flavoured water for dogs

December 5, 2005 1:20 PM

flavoured water for dogs
flavoured water for dogs - chicken flavour
flavoured water for dogs - beef flavour

Pure water with a splash of chicken/beef flavour

I just saw these in a supermarket. As a pet-owner and a dog-lover, even I had to think that this is lunacy. I mean, who would buy this?

Methinks the manufacturers and/or their market-researchers have not done their homework. Because if they have, they would know that a thirsty dog does not really care what their water taste like. Anyone who has seen a dog drink from a toilet bowl can attest to that. 😉

20 thoughts on “Flavoured water for dogs

  1. mooiness

    darkharf: Or shit flavour, vomit flavour, rotting meat flavour … smells that would make us queasy or throw up do not faze dogs at all. They would just go, “Wooo…interesting. *lick lick* ” Heh.

    tfp: as long as it’s any kind of food (or not) they’d eat it. 😛

    kynne: heh. sometimes part of the marketing of pet products involves pandering to us humans.

  2. emiryo

    Drink already will drop hair or not? Vegetarian can drink also?

    Their real target is for those girls on crash diet who’s too pai say to admit it.

    Where go sell? I’m buying it for my bitch!

  3. mooiness

    emiryo: eh you are on to something! shit I didn’t realise. Now that I thought of it, it’s so obvious. Have meat cravings? Drink Aqua-Dog!

    Heheh, you can say “it’s for my bitch” without getting into trouble either. 😛

  4. mooiness

    spinnee: they can add whatever crap to it, vitamins, fluoride, minerals whatever! But it’s still water! It’s bad enough that we humans buy into the mineral water hype (EVIAN is evil!), but for our dogs as well!? 😛

  5. YC

    Lunatics i.e Luna’s owner will buy ’em. *shy*

    Erm, coincidently, I bought some for her just yesterday. I’m lugging it back from Melb all the way bk to KL for my biatch.

    word verification: pyamo. somehow I this word appeals to me. “Stay away from MY pyamo!”

  6. Kenny Sia

    If you think that’s luncay, some time ago at David Jones, they were selling dog’s perfume alongside men’s and women’s perfumes. It’s got an interesting name: “Oh My Dog! Eau de Toilette”

  7. mooiness

    kenny: wahaha damn that’s a good one. I bet they sell at the “human” prices too.

    sourrain: so how is catmilk processed differently from the milk that we drink? lactose free? can’t be right? 😛

  8. hobart

    i don’t think the processing matters. i mean…i don’t believe that they’re marketing for the pets anyway…these people aim at those who have enough money to be engrossed in their pets to decorate them with designer wear , designer accesories , feed them with gourmet designer food…why not some specially designed water to complete the package eh? don’t you think?

  9. YC

    Luna has got her EDT from Origin(which, coincidently, is from D.J). *Super pai seh* Wait till you see her chaise lounge(which she shamelessly claimed) in my home office.

    She’s living a good life.

    Damn pyamo.

  10. Christina

    Who would buy it you say?

    At the moment we’re dog-sitting a Maltese. His owners are in Sri Lanka for 3 months. This dog, his name is Tommy, and he’s incredibly spoilt. He has little coats for when he gets cold, he has a dog house, a basket and a whole heap of blankets, as well as shredded paper for the basket and dog house so it’s soft enough. He’s got dozens of toys, and before the couple left, they bought a whole lot of expensive dog food for Tommy. We had a dog before, and we fed it scraps. It didn’t have anything fancy like this. Granted the fact that our dog was a Beagle, we still could have spoilt our previous dog.

    The couple that own Tommy would absolutely buy flavoured water for it.

    Insane, but some people do buy it!

  11. ~*Starryluvly*~

    erm… flavoured water? Wouldn’t it be the same thing if you just bought chicken/beef/vegetable stock and fed that to the dog?

    Actually Mooi, I think the milk for cats is lactose free. I vaguely remember sis telling me that cats are actually lactose intolerant, which is why you can’t give them too much milk or they’ll get diarrhea. Which makes me wonder if you could actually start feeding cats soymilk instead.

  12. mooiness

    hobart: true that. It more for us than them.

    yc: Wow. Luna does have a great life. I’d be your dog any day. Wait that didn’t come out right ….

    christina: I hear ya! but this dog lover would not be sucked in by the marketing. 😉

    starry: hahahhahaahh! Oh shit. That’d be soooo unhealthy.

    Ah lactose-free milk, that makes some sense now.


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