The Sunday That Was

December 5, 2005 12:01 AM

Woke up at 2pm. Then left the house at 3:30pm to meet up with Simon at The Cott.

Considering there’s a big rock concert in another part of town (with The Foo Fighters and Oasis playing no less; cousin and his bandmates were there of course), the crowd was quite good. Especially upstairs in the house music area. Saw a cute girl that looks like the girl from Amelie, except shorter.

Then left the place around 6pm for my parents’ place. Was gonna take them and my brother out for dinner at Matsuri for mom’s birthday.

The usual suspects were …

We had a lot of food. So much so that when I got back to their place, as soon as I laid down on the couch I fell asleep.

Until Snoop got annoyed that I was using him as a pillow and he licked me awake.

And that was my Sunday. Hope yours have been great too. 🙂

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