Get ready, Australia

December 6, 2005 12:08 AM

From the link below:

Indonesia’s Foreign Minister has defended Singapore’s right to execute drug trafficker Van Tuong Nguyen and warned Australians to avoid emotional reactions if the Bali nine are sentenced to death.

Woohoo. And if you thought dying by hanging is brutal, Indonesia carries out her death sentences by firing squad. I’m expecting more calls to boycott Indonesia and Indonesian products, the media whipping itself into a self-righteous frenzy, and increased vandalism on Indonesian businesses and consular buildings. The embassy in Canberra would presumably be spared vandalism by the increased protection of the Federal Police but they will most definitely see protestors like what the Singaporean Embassy had just experienced.

What a media circus this is gonna be. Possibly nine (nine!) on death row. Get your popcorn ready.

Indonesia warns on Bali nine – Top stories – Breaking News 24/7 –

8 thoughts on “Get ready, Australia

  1. Christina

    If I remember correctly, the Indonesian embassies in Australia were pretty much harassed when Schappelle Corby was sentenced and stuff. Biological hazards and bullets sent in the mail, racist messages drawn on Parliament houses. And that was because she got sentenced to 20 years in prison.

    This will be fun 😛

  2. ~*Starryluvly*~

    Good lord, I’m not sure if I can take anymore enthusiasm from sudden anti-capital punishment advocates. I wonder whether they will eat their words when they’re caught celebrating Saddam Hussein’s death penalty.

    Dude, am so tired of the whole death penalty debate, yet I can’t seem to stay away from it. =s

  3. emiryo

    They have to go make a show of it wat, to answer to their people and uphold the “superior” country image.

    If not how to win the next election?

    Imagine if it’s 9 Bali bomers facing the firing squad? Will they rise the “Human Rights” or religious banners to protest on the streets?

    Their citizen selling drugs and destorying other people’s life is alright, but other people doing it to them?… Respect people’s house rules lah.

  4. damion

    quote from my dad:
    “apa bising-bising..
    if talk like that, how about this..
    i go ur house and break ur stuff..
    say sorry loh..
    if u wan prosecute me, i ask my country back me up with human rights…
    logical ah?”

    i got no comments.. 😛
    yay for popcorn…

  5. mooiness

    damion: exactly. Most of us with common sense can see it that way. The Aust. Govt did the right thing by appealing etc., but it’s the ppl on the street that cannot comprehend the simple fact that you should obey the local laws wherever you are. If you get caught – too bad for you. Don’t kaobeh kaobu about it.


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