Deluded and How to Become Famous

December 7, 2005 8:29 AM

Remember Flynn Liu from last year? His audition for Australian Idol was so bad that it was goooood? Much like William Hung in the US (heh heh – that name always cracks me up), he got his 15 minutes of fame and then pfft! I also wondered whether he was especially sought out by the Australian show’s copycat producers after William Hung become “famous” in the US of A. Hmmm. Very very likely.

Anyway I for one did not see the humour in it all. I cringed, not because I’m Chinese but more because of me wondering, “How can these guys be so tone-deaf and thick-skinned, and be proud of it?” I also cringed because I know they were being used as “freak” attractions, to be used and milked and then tossed aside.

And all that time I was bewildered. Do they really think that ppl are laughing with them instead of at them? Are they so deluded? Apprently Flynn is …

From the link below:

After a brief time-out, which Liu admits was “to have my cheek bones, jaw bones and eyelids done for my career”, he is ready to face the cameras again. “I love my new face. I can’t wait to show people.”

Holy F**K! He’s got a new face!? Even William Hung didn’t go that far. I hope he got voice lessons too – his face was never the problem.

Being a freak may make you famous but the joke’s on you. Wake up Flynn!

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9 thoughts on “Deluded and How to Become Famous

  1. mooiness

    starry: I for one can’t wait to see his new face but only out of morbid fascination. 😛

    kynne: Shikin eh? yup that sure sounds Chinese to me. 🙂 Very unique Muslim name tho – never heard it before.


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