Geek’s Über Fantasy

December 8, 2005 12:01 AM

Every male geek’s fantasy woman: someone who’s into the stuff that they like and is a babe. This woman would definitely qualify except for the fact that she’s real.

From Wired News: Le Chic Shall Inherit Les Blogs:

“When I’m fed up with photo shoots, I run away to code,” said the Colorado-born model, who learned Unix at school and credits her computer-engineer brothers as inspiration.

What? Unix?! Dayum. And she blogs too.

Ok yes I know I’m a bit misogynistic here. I do contend that there exists good looking women in this world that are as technically and IT proficient as any male geek out there. Heck they can even be models too. It’s just that I haven’t come across any in my years working as one of those male geeks. [Addendum 8:18 a.m. – I meant in a professional capacity around workplaces 😉 ]

Woo. *nose bleeds*

6 thoughts on “Geek’s Über Fantasy

  1. ~*Starryluvly*~

    Is it really that hard to find girls who are even remotely interested in computer games? Bruce has proclaimed he’s living the dream because I like computers games.

    I also seem to be getting sucked into the world of strategy/tactical card games. Does that count for any additional geek points? lol.

  2. sourrain

    Why does it sounds sooooooo familiar?


    cheeky monkey!

    Jokes aside, some men just can’t take it when you are more proficient in technology than them..Grrr! Like I mentioned earlier, just bloody bombard them with,’I should know,I have a degree in IT.Hmm…what do YOU have?’

  3. mooiness

    sourrain: heheheheh. Hey i’d love it if my woman was more geeky than me but she still has to be a “woman”. Does that make sense? 😛

    honestly tho, through my studies and through my work I’ve never come across someone as described in my post. I’m not talking about graphics or web designers because you do get a lot of women in those jobs. Am talking about the “backend” – programmers, network and systems geeks. Those are a rarity and when they are hot as well … woo.


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